Social Responsibility – Corporate Style


Link TV has always been committed to providing unique perspectives and fostering dialogue on under-reported world events.  Now, Link TV takes you on an exploration of today’s new global corporate culture – of social responsibility. How are companies making positive change part of their daily business?  Can doing the right thing be good for the planet, AND for business?

Only Link TV, the same channel that has brought you hard-hitting and controversial documentaries like The Corporation, Who Killed the Electric Car, and The Future of Food, could turn the idea of corporate sponsorship on its head. What if, instead of being bound by just any sponsor's dollars, we would accept financial support only from those corporations who have pledged to do good in the world? And then we'd present these stories of corporate philanthropy to our viewers, who could judge for themselves whether or not the company's vision of social responsibility was genuine, or just a matter of "greenwashing"?

We at Link believe that in order to address the challenges we face as a society, we need to work TOGETHER with businesses to create lasting, workable solutions to our world’s problems. But not just any corporate sponsor is going to cut it at Link TV -- our sponsors have to pass a rigorous test for ethics, customer focus, environment, fair workplace, and social responsibility.  And we're not looking to censor dialogue on our website around these corporations -- we want to hear exactly what our viewers think about our sponsors, good AND bad, and what they care about as conscious consumers.


Check out the video below for a glimpse of one of our sponsors!

Watch "The Business of Change" to learn how business can be a vehicle for social change from Dean Cycon, Dean's Beans Founder and CEO. Visit Dean's page to learn more.


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