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What is CSR?

CSR stands for "Corporate Social Responsibility".  These days, many thriving companies have CSR initiatives dedicated to looking at employee rights, origins of products, environmental impact, philanthropic activities, etc.  But how do you know if companies are telling the whole truth?  Or, if they are "greenwashing" to boost their image?  We as consumers don't always have the tools needed to make the most responsible purchases, or support the most responsible company. 


Real ConversationsThe key is this: Communication.  Link TV's "Profiles in Corporate Culture" provide the resources, you provide the feedback.  Tell our sponsors what you think!  Leave video comments, or have a Real Conversation via text or video with our sponsors!




"The Business of Change"

This special Link TV mini-documentary discusses a new business model promoted and executed by Dean Cycon, Dean's Beans Founder and CEO. His model, which he challenges other companies to adopt, is based on the idea that business can be a vehicle for social change, while also maintaining profitability.


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More About the Beans

Dean's Beans

Dean's Beans® is a Fair Trade coffee distributor based in Orange, Massachusetts, USA. Dean's Beans owner Dean Cycon promotes the theory that a for-profit company can have a flourishing bottom line without compromising business ethics (aka, stepping on the little guy). In fact, Dean sees the growth of his company not as a goal, but instead, as a natural product of responsible business. Learn more...

Dean's Beans
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Explore the coffeelands with Dean in

Javatrekker: Dispatches from the World

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Coffee Farms Around the World:

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Why Sponsorship? Why Dean?

In a new initiative, Link TV is partnering with corporate sponsors to raise awareness around positive change through business. Now, more than ever, the idea of Social Responsibility has entered into the ingredients of a successful business practice, and Link TV is exploring this new corporate culture. More about the initiative.

Dean's Beans® was chosen as our first sponsor not only because it encompasses a wealth of unheard stories from coffee farmers around the world, but also Dean's Beans founder Dean Cycon happens to represent one of the smallest company members of the UN Global Compact. Dean's method of CSR involves personally visiting every coop that supplies his coffee in order to ensure that Fair Trade standards are being met to protect the growers, their families, and their communities.


Dean Cycon with Coffee FarmersCoffee CherriesDean with Grower