140,000 Flee Libyan Clashes; Humanitarian Crisis Builds on Egypt

(Democracy Now! 0930 PST, March 2, 2011) UN Reports have emerged of a dire situation on Libya's borders with Tunisia and Egypt, where tens of thousands have fled to evade the clashes. Democracy Now! speaks with Elizabeth Tan of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the agency working to provide shelter, sanitation, food and transportation at the border of Libya.



(Democracy Now! 0715 PST, March 2, 2011) Resistance in Libya as Gaddafi forces launch new assaults, and US silent on recent crackdown in Iraq.




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Arrest of CIA Agent Sheds Light on U.S. Covert War in Pakistan

(Democracy Now! 0945 PST, February 23, 2011) U.S. officials have admitted an American detained in Pakistan for the murder of two men was a CIA agent and a former employee of the private security firm Blackwater, now called Xe Services. Up until Monday, the Obama administration had insisted Raymond Davis was a diplomat who had acted in self-defense. The arrest of Davis has soured relations between the United States and Pakistan and revealed a web of covert U.S. operations inside the country, part of a secret war run by the CIA.


The Guardian newspaper of London first reported Davis's CIA link on Sunday and noted that many U.S. news outlets knew about his connection to the CIA but did not report on it at the request of U.S. officials. Democracy Now! interviews Declan Walsh, Pakistan correspondent for the Guardian, who first broke the story.




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