Colombian Journalist Hollman Morris on Free Speech

Link's Latin Pulse/Pulso Latino programs have only been getting better, presenting hard-hitting journalistic reports from countries like Colombia, Mexico and El Salvador. If you missed the recent report "Colombia: Stories That Kill", be sure to go back and watch online for some great analysis on free speech (or the lack thereof) among journalists in Colombia.

Today, we've just published the web-exclusive complete interview with Hollman Morris, the award-winning journalist who is featured in the above-mentioned report. The Colombian secret police have been illegally spying on Morris since 2004, and this fascinating interview (conducted via the video phone service Skype) explains why.




(Click here for the original version of the interview, en Español.)


You can read more about the claims that journalist Hollman Morris was a Colombian secret police target at, a partner organization of Latin Pulse.

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Colombian Journalist Hollman Morris on Free Speech

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