Japan Raises Nuclear Severity Level

(Associated Press: 0448 PST, March 18, 2011) Japan's nuclear safety agency raised the severity rating of the country's nuclear crisis from level four to level five on the seven-level international scale, putting it on par with the Three Mile Island accident in Pennsylvania in 1979.



Japan's Nuclear Crisis Deepens

(Al Jazeera English: 0800 PST, March 18, 2011) As Japan's nuclear safety commission upgrades the situation at the earthquake-damaged Fukushima plant to a level five on the seven-level International Nuclear Events Scale, the country's prime minister says circumstances remain grave.


Justin Dargin, nuclear analyst and research fellow at the Dubai initiative, tells Al Jazeera of the wider implications of Japan's ongoing emergency.



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Find out what you can do to help in the saving and rebuilding of lives in Japan


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Japan Raises Nuclear Severity Level

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