Sarkozy, Secularism, and the Burqa

Link's Mosaic and the Mosaic Intelligence Report are on vacation this week, but intrepid Mosaic Producer Jamal Dajani has not been slacking. Dajani has been reporting from Paris on the burqa controversy, where French president Nicolas Sarkozy inflamed his country's Muslim population with recent comments stating that the burqa would "not be welcome" in France.

It wasn't easy, but Dajani was able to interview a French woman dressed in burqa for his latest article in the Huffington Post, and it sounds like Sarkozy isn't winning any friends in France's Muslim communities. You can follow Dajani's interesting updates on this story on Twitter.

For more background, this Al Jazeera English piece gives the "inside story" on the call for a burqa ban in France:


Is this anti-burqa campaign really a question of women's rights? (This, of course, coming from the same man caught opening oogling the female form in these photos. Don't you worry -- Obama's wandering eye has apparently been exonerated, according to this ABC News video analysis.) Can France reconcile its values as a secular nation with its growing Muslim immigrant population? We know what Dajani and Sarkozy think -- what about you?


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Cinema Encounters in Tehran

The conflict in Iran has brought media attention to a diverse group of young Iranians. As David Michaelis stated in his recent blog post, "Iran has gained a new face. Instead of relating to Ahmadinejad as the only face of Iran, we now see a multitude of younger people."

Link TV has been producing a series of documentaries to give Americans a unique glimpse into the lives of ordinary Iranians, called Bridge to Iran.  Showcasing documentaries by contemporary independent Iranian filmmakers living and working in Iran, Bridge to Iran shatters preconceived notions about a nation and culture that most Americans know little about and have never experienced firsthand.

Tonight marks the premiere of a new installment of the series: Cinema Encounters in Tehran. An original production of Link TV, the film follows Americans Yoni Brook and Musa Syeed as they travel to Iran for the 2007 Verite Film Festival, where they meet two young filmmakers Atefeh and Abbas. The film documents their efforts to overcome language and cultural barriers and use cinematic language and friendship to create a movie.  In the end they find that the friendship and understanding they develop in a short time transcends the barriers of the national and political divisions that separates them.


Watch Online!


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Buy Season One of Arab Labor on DVD for 20% off!

Arab Labor Season One is now on sale, for 20% off!  Plus, Link TV gets a portion of every sale made by clicking on the image below:


Arab Labor



Check out the controversial hit series that the Los Angeles Times calls "groundbreaking and amazing."


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Check out Breaking Bows and Arrows tonight

In case you missed the premiere last Sunday, Breaking Bows and Arrows is airing again tonight at 11PM Eastern/8PM Pacific. This winner of the United Nations Media Peace award follows the reconciliation ceremony of bitter rivals in Bougainville, Papua New Guinea as they finally make peace. Check out the promo for this program here.


Also, be sure to catch the premiere of Music, Sound and the Sacred featuring Rev. Alan Jones and Grammy Award-winning-singer Joanne Shenandoah this Sunday at 9PM Eastern/6PM Pacific.


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Open Book Now Streaming!

Host Ina Howard

Host Ina Howard-Parker


Open Book is a new show about books, focusing on a single spot on Earth in each episode to introduce you to the writers and other storytellers - musicians, actors, poets and more - whose work reminds us we're all connected through the stories we have to tell and the communities we inhabit.


Here are some of the online comments we've received:


"Smart, enjoyable, and a reminder of the treasures we all have in our own back yard." - Paxilnation


"In addition to being gorgeously filmed, this has got to be the hippest TV show on literature out there. Love it and can't wait to see more!" -YaWa, Brooklyn


Watch Open Book online and add your own comment!



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