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Arab Labor Season 4

Arab Labor Season 4


Created by Sayed Kashua, an Israeli-born Palestinian journalist, Arab Labor (translated from the Hebrew "Avoda Aravit", which colloquially implies "shoddy or second-rate work") focuses on Amjad Alian, a Palestinian journalist and Israeli citizen in search of his identity. Poking fun at the cultural divide, Kashua and his characters play on religious, cultural and political differences to daringly depict the mixed society that is Israel. This show marked a milestone on Israeli television as the first program to present Palestinian characters speaking Arabic on primetime, and it generated great controversy between Arab and Israeli media.

At the beginning of Season 4 Amjad is shocked to find out that his wife Bushra is pregnant. After all, he sees himself as an enlightened Arab and only recently spoke proudly about being a father of two, countering the racial demographic "problem," which according to him deepens the chasm between Jews and Arabs. Amjad leaves home after a big fight erupts between him and Bushra about the pregnancy. He tries to find safe haven at his parents' house, but they kick him out and take Bushra's side. Unintentionally, Amjad finds himself leading the recent Israeli social protest movement. The press refers to him as the leader, the political parties woo him and he decides to become a politician who thinks the only way to change "the system" is from the inside, though he is not completely sure what the system is.

On his way to become the perfect husband, an exemplary father and a promising member of the Knesset, Amjad yet again manages to get in trouble, in his Amjad way, which is paved only with good intentions.

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Danny Param

Sayed Kashua

Episode 10

with Producer
Danny Paran
Interview with
Creator Sayed
Kashua and Cast

Arab Labor Cast

  • Amjad (Norman Issa): A Palestinian-Israeli journalist working in Jerusalem
  • Meir (Mariano Idelman): Amjad's Jewish-Israeli coworker at the newspaper
  • Bushra (Clara Khoury): Amjad's wife, mother of Maya
  • Amal (Mira Awad): A Palestinian-Israeli attorney to whom Meir is attracted
Arab Labor - Season 4 (Promo)

Arab Labor - Season 4 (Promo)

Join the Alian family for Season 4 of Arab Labor!

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Arab Labor - Season 4

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