Greeks Strike as Fresh Austerity Plan Sparks Fury

(Euronews: 0726 PT, May 11, 2011) Greece is once again in the grip of a general strike as people protest against the governments raft of harsh austerity measures aimed to keep the debt-ridden the country solvent. Athens is currently planning further measures to save an extra 23 billion euros by 2015, but ordinary Greeks are outraged.



Violence Erupts During Potests in Athens

(ITN News: 0431 PT, May 11, 2011) Police in Athens have arrested ten people during a violent march against economic austerity measures.




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Rebels and Troops Eye-to-Eye in Misurata

(Euronews: 0421 PT, May 11, 2011) Anti-Gaddafi fighters in Misurata are engaged in trench warfare against Libyan government forces. Euronews has exclusive pictures from the fluid frontline as the rebel army make slight gains against a better-trained and well-equipped foe.


Government forces are deploying snipers to keep the rebels pinned down and then hit their positions with shells and mortars. Those opposed to Gaddafi say they are expecting NATO air strikes to target government troops at any time.



EU to Open Office in Rebel Stronghold Benghazi

(Euronews: 0726 PT, May 11, 2011) The European Union says it will open an office in the rebel-held Libyan city of Benghazi. However, this is not a sign of recognition for the rebel administration. The aim is to help with security and getting aid to where it is needed. The office will also assist with health and education.




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Syrian Tanks 'Bombard' City Residents

(Euronews: 0726 PT, May 11, 2011) Syrian tanks are reported to be shelling Homs, one of the country's biggest cities. Loud explosions were heard in the residential neighbourhood of Bab Amro. Syrian security forces are continuing their crackdown on anti-government protests. It's thought hundreds of people have been killed and thousands arrested after protests which began in Daraa in March.


The Syrian government says it is pursuing armed gangs of terrorists while a state news agency has reported that two soldiers have been killed in clashes in Homs and Deraa.



Weapons Sales to Syria 'Increase'

(Al Jazeera English: 0722 PT, May 11, 2011) Various weapons are available on Lebanon's black market, and arms trading is reportedly on the rise since the unrest in Syria began. Al Jazeera's Zeina Khodr reports from Beirut.




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NATO Night Strikes Blast Targets in Tripoli

(Euronews: 0742 PT, May 10, 2011) NATO aircraft conducted raids over Tripoli overnight with government buildings bearing the brunt of the attacks. Libyan officials escorted journalists to the High Commission for Children, which suffered extensive damage. Witnesses in the capital say NATO planes were trying to hit Gaddafi's compound.



NATO Launches Airstrike on Libyan Capital

(Al Jazeera English: 2352 PT, May 9, 2011) NATO warplanes launched a new round of airstrikes in Tripoli, the Libyan capital, witnesses said. They told Al Jazeera the attacks targeted several sites, including Muammar Gaddafi's compound. Earlier, the United Nations humanitarian chief called for a break in fighting to allow medical aid into the country. Al Jazeera's Monica Villamizar reports.




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Yemen: Protests Continue Ahead of Summit

(Euronews: 0549 PT, May 9, 2011) Government forces in Yemen have this morning opened fire on protestors blockading government buildings. At least one person was killed and 10 injured in the city of Taiz, south of the capital Sanaa.


It comes as a Gulf-mediated plan to end the country's political crisis appeared close to collapse. The long-serving President Ali Abdullah Saleh has not yet signed the ten-day-old initiative which would force him to step down after a month-long transition.




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Army Vehicles Deployed on Streets of Cairo

(Euronews: 0549 PT, May 9, 2011) The Egyptian Army is demonstrating its promised "iron fist" in Cairo, after two days of deadly clashes between Coptic Christians and Muslims. At least 12 people were killed and more than 200 injured.


Clashes flared between Christians and Muslims in the capital on Saturday and Sunday. Stones were thrown and there were reports of gunfire and bullet wounds; 190 people were arrested. The army's aim now is to reassure the people.



Deadly Sectarian Clashes Erupt in Cairo

(Al Jazeera English: 1610 PT, May 8, 2011) Christians marching against the military in the Egyptian capital and calling for more rights have come under attack. While some blamed hardline Muslims, others said the attack is symptomatic of rampant lawlessness in the country following the revolution that overthrew long-time leader, Hosni Mubarak. Al Jazeera's Rawya Rageh reports from Cairo.



Rising Sectarian Tension in Cairo

(Democracy Now! 0752 PT, May 9, 2011) Democracy Now! correspondent Sharif Abdel Kouddous reports from Cairo, where 12 people died and more than 180 were wounded during clashes between Muslims and Christians in Cairo over the weekend.


"This was a major attack," says Kouddous. "What many people, many Coptic people in particular, do not understand is why the military, who was present at the scene while the violence was happening stood by while the worst of it took place and did not intervene."




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Protesters Shot Dead in Syrian 'Day of Defiance'

(Euronews: 0759 PT, May 6, 2011) Protests have broken out across Syria as thousands heeded calls for a "day of defiance" against the regime. Reports say that security forces killed five pro-democracy demonstrators and wounded dozens more in the city of Homs.


The protests began as Friday prayers ended. A march in Damascus did not last long before it was broken up. One opposition leader, Riad Seif, was arrested with other demonstrators, according to human rights campaigners. Witnesses said security forces fired at protesters just north of the capital, wounding some.



Protest on Syria's 'Day of Defiance'

(France 24: 0617 PT, May 6, 2011) Thousands of anti-regime demonstrators have taken to the streets across Syria following Friday prayers for a "day of defiance." Security forces are out en masse and have reportedly opened fire in at least one town.




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Syrian Soldier: Troops 'Refused to Fire on Protesters'

(Euronews: 2323 PT, May 3, 2011) As Syria intensifies its clampdown on anti-government protesters, international pressure on the regime is being stepped up. It comes as new amateur videos emerge, one that purports to show mass arrests in Deraa, and another of a Syrian soldier who claims he was ordered to shoot at unarmed civilians.


The US has described Syria's reported tactics - using tanks and arbitrary arrests - as "barbaric measures" against "innocent civilians." France has called on the EU to impose sanctions on Syrian leaders.




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Bin Laden Raid Strains US-Pakistan Ties

(Euronews: 0734 PT, May 3, 2011) Two days after the raid that ended Osama bin Laden's life, Washington insists that it shared its knowledge of the location with no other country, including Pakistan. The assertion on the White House website was that secrecy was considered as essential to the raid team's success. The compound is said to be close to both a civilian health centre and Pakistan's top military college.



US-Pakistan Row Intensified by Osama bin Laden Death

(Press TV: 0927 PT, May 3, 2011) Press TV reports on the latest development on the death of Osama bin Laden and the row between Washington and Islamabad.



Official: Pakistan 'Hit Below the Belt' Over Bin Laden

(ITN News: 0431 PT, May 3, 2011) Wajid Shamsul Hasan, the Pakistani High Commissioner to the UK, rejects accusations that his country didn't do enough to help capture Bin Laden, and says Pakistan has been at the forefront of the war on terror.




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Canadian PM Harper Celebrates Election Win

(Euronews: 0744 PT, May 3, 2011) Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper will head a majority government for the first time after his Conservative Party won Monday's parliamentary elections. The Conservatives picked up nearly 40 percent of the vote, taking 167 seats in Canada's parliament.


Harper, who had previously headed two minority governments in his five years as PM, says he can secure Canada's economic recovery and wipe out its budget deficit. The 52-year-old says this can be achieved by slashing public spending and cutting taxes.



(Democracy Now! 0758 PT, May 3, 2011) Democracy Now! interviews Stephen Lewis, long-time member of the National Democratic Party, about the results of the Canadian elections. The Conservative party, led by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, was elected to a majority in the Canadian parliament, ending five years of minority government.





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