Bridge to Iran with Host Parisa Soultani

Where Do I Belong?

Directed by Mahvash Sheikholeslami

Director Mahvash Sheikholeslami's documentary WHERE DO I BELONG? plunges into an unusual and seldom-discussed phenomenon transpiring in the Middle East, whereby Afghans -- fleeing poverty, war and destitution -- illegally resettle in Iran and enter nuptial relationships with Persian women. This occurs even despite inter-marital cultural conflicts and a broader Iranian sociocultural framework not gamely poised to accept interracial romance or marriage.

With WHERE DO I BELONG?  Sheikholeslami profiles several men and women in this position and has them speak candidly on such issues as love, acceptance, personal identity and cultural identity, while ensconcing the individual biographical portraits in the broader framework of a geographic travelogue of Iran.

In Farsi; English subtitles. 68 minutes.


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Bridge to Iran: Where Do I Belong?

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