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The U.S. election has had a powerful effect all over the world, and now Americans themselves have spoken and elected Barack Obama.  Dear American Voter brought together messages from around the world about what issues were important in this election, and why. We asked the globe - how have U.S. policies already changed the place where you live? What about the lives of your friends and family? Whether or not you had a say in the ballot box, you had a voice at Dear American Voter.

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by dearamericanvoter
posted: 9/18/2008, 8:40pm
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running time: 01:18

Danny Glover addresses the voters
(U.S.) We need to consider what issues are important and what we want to prioritize-- remember that Dr. King said that peace is not simply the absence of hostility, but the...

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by parvez_sultan
posted: 9/5/2008, 12:38pm
comments: 0
running time: 01:27

Get out of Iraq and use tax dollars domestically
(U.S.) As a new citizen I think we should get American troops out of Iraq and spend the money domestically on health care and the economy.

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by dearamericanvoter
posted: 9/3/2008, 3:28pm
comments: 1
running time: 01:50

America must change its policy towards Islam
Asma Chaudry urges America to change its policy towards Islam and South Asia.

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