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"Abuse of Language Threatens American Freedoms":James Zogby.
August 28, 2010
11:39 AM PDT
The spokesperson you had on for the pentagon on 8/28/10 said that we would win the war in Afghanistan because we went into the country because we were attacked on 9-11 and that the Admin. & Pentagon were just now realizing they needed to worry about how much money was going to corrupt leadership in the country.

I think winning means doing what is just and compassionate and certainly we have lost the war by locking 22 children & 800 people where were social workers who went to help the poor just like Mother Teresa, author Greg Mortenson and others who were white & famous. They have been imprisoned in torture cells for 8 years and then some to sent them to countries were they are unsafe or finally tried in courts were the people who are responsible for their torture are their judges.

The caller who stated that the US pentagon also needs to worry about the corruption of the US as well as in Afghanistan is absolutely correct, since no accountablilty has every been made for the 1,000 of Afghanistan's who surrendered to the continued and present General Dostum with the US soliders that loaded the men into the backs of semi trucks & shot them. A few survived in the middle of the men in the storage trailers & left in the desert for days to suck the blood of the dead & then about 5 survived the whole genide and were taken to Guantanmo. I do not know if 3 of these were the ones tortured to death according to 4 honest guards who had hopes that our government would do the honorable thing and bring it to the light with changes and accountability, which never happened and in-fact the innocent honorable guards faced the most trouble. There are also 2 men, Shaker Aamer father of 4 Uk children, and a Yemenite who were cleared to leave (free citizens) and are still locked in solitaire.

Finally I would like to reiterate the continued lie that the pentagon representative stated and that is that some one from Afghanistan attacked the US. The proof proof that the professionals have shown reveals that it was supported by the Bush and Obama administration since they have continually lied and covered up the truths of 9-11. They have shown total disrespect for the questions asked by the widows and parents of those who died in the 9-11 towers (Jersey Girls-Movie 9-11 Blue Print for Truth) and the following important movies show more of the administrations alternative agenda, which adds to the reasons for leaving other countries & freeing innocent tortured prisoners: Blue Print for Truth, Steve Jones, Loose Change, OUtside the Law & probably a lot more that others can add.

March 2, 2010
7:50 AM PST
Very good article by Jim Zogby on the misuse and abuse of language by our leaders who swear an oath of office to "protect and defend" the Constitution,not to mention uphold the rule of constitutional and international LAW,but end up manipulating their words to meet their own policy goals and ideological messianic "missions".
It's not the majority of innocent people in Iraq,Afghanistan,Pakistan,Palestine,Lebanon,and,God forbid,Iran in the future,who threaten our US NATIONAL SECURITY,it is our own very dangerous,exceptionalist 'leaders' who make their decisions based on corporate policies rather than adherence to US citizens wishes/opinions/polls.
Whatever the American public demand/think,in the majority,the US government DO THE OPPOSITE.That's a failed democracy!
It's these dangerous domestic,and foreign idealogues,embedded in our US non-functioning democracy,who are the greatest threat to US National Security and all our citizen rights and freedoms,not to mention a threat to global citizens rights and freedoms.That includes the deadly,poverty-stricken legacy they 'royally' bestow upon our GRANDCHILDREN and their children.
Their "mission" is not to spread true bottom-up democracy in these foreign nations,many of which are independently democratic before we storm in,it is to wreak havoc and destruction on them for daring to aspire to seek independent nationalist democracy free of American dictates and conditions.
As our US government is sowing the seeds of destruction,and being the best promoter of anti-Americanism,abroad,it is simultaneously destroying OUR DEMOCRATIC UNITED STATES of AMERICA from within.
Is that the 'chosen' end goal of the policy makers,is it just their criminal insanity/delusion,or their ideological messianic "mission"?
For sure it will be the noose around Constitutional rule of law America's neck!
And as for the 'Christmas bomber'Abdulmutallab,lol,that poor kid was so drugged up(probably by the 'man in the suit' who was seen escorting him to the plane)he didn't even know his little gonads were starting to fry,UNTIL the passenger next to him woke him UP!
God help America,because the majority of ill-informed American people,especially our government,don't seem to be defending it themselves.
I guess that's the result of decades of oppression and attrition bestowed on them by Washington D.C,the banksters,and the corporate media.
Numb them 'n' dumb them!

Oh my beloved America!
Ashes to ashes......or should I say,oasis to wasteland?