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What's Going on with the "Surge" in Baghdad?
June 5, 2007
8:53 AM PDT
"Surge" or No surge, the only people who can take pride in pulling their Nation into a new,economically promising AND 'INDEPENDANT IRAQ' future,ARE THE IRAQI NATIONALS themselves. I would like to see the Iraqi people prove that they can get along,as a multi-sectarian Nation WITHOUT A DICTATOR wielding a psychlogical 'whip' of fear and torture. They have to prove they are willing and proud to put their Country BEFORE their internal squabbling,which is such an old story now.AND,one that others can play on,to stir up trouble,AND deny their freedom.
If they can just forget their human/historical/sectarian differences,which are their longtime weakness,and come together as 'Iraqi Nationals' who are committed to running THEIR Country,in their way,by their strength and thereby giving NO OTHERS reason or excuses to stay LONGER than welcome.
I don't want to see more innocent people die,on all sides.But the Iraqis are the only ones who can stand up and say,"Thankyou,but we will take it from here", and be willing to stand together as Nationals to take Iraq forward on it's own Political and Economic future.
And our reply to them,as we leave(militarily)should be,"Maasalam,we look forward to knowing you and we are here if you need us!"
I am too old to believe corporate news channels and 'spin',but not too pessimistic to believe that Iraq CAN pull itself together, without us there as occupiers.We should be there as friends and colleagues.
I would much prefer,in the future,our international Relations,with the Iraqi people,to be based on friendship,freedom and peace,with exchange of culture and mutual respect.
Show us you can do it,Iraq! SALAAM!
June 5, 2007
8:16 AM PDT
The surge is failing. It is killing our soldiers in Iraq. Ever since it started more US soldiers were killed especially during the month of May as your intelligence report suggests. There is NO military solution to the Iraqi problem!
June 4, 2007
9:35 PM PDT
According to the New York Times, an internal US military assessment indicates that three months after the beginning of a troop “surge” in Baghdad, the military has been able to establish tentative control over fewer than one-third of the city’s neighborhoods.

The newspaper said that the assessment, which was completed in late May, found that US and Iraqi forces were able to “to protect the population” and “maintain physical influence over” only 146 out of 457 Baghdad neighbourhoods. In the remaining 311 neighbourhoods, troops have either not begun operations aimed at rooting out insurgents or still face “resistance,” according to the one-page assessment, which summarised reports from brigade and battalion commanders in Baghdad, the Times report said.

Will the "surge" succeed? What are your thoughts?