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Hamas Routs Fatah in Gaza
June 29, 2007
2:08 PM PDT
None of this 'behavior'is sanctified by God.It is based on human fallibilities and all the things that eat away at the heart,mind and soul instead of letting them grow and be nourished.God is just a excuse!
Whether Israel OR palestine, all have suffered enough and all are entitled to their own space, just as their children are entitled to their future peace.But as long as people live in a bitter past,they will never have a fruitful future.
I remain optimistic,that in my lifetime,I will witness a State of Israel living,in tolerant respect,with it's neighbour,The New State Of Palestine!
June 28, 2007
7:45 AM PDT
What about the rights of Palestinians? Didn't they suffer enough? They had nothing to do with what happened to the displaced Jews in Europe, why do they have to be displaced themselves to pay for the Europeans' crimes?
June 28, 2007
7:04 AM PDT
To grassroots, again you make some very good points. In 1948 my brother was sailing alongside a ship carrying displaced jews from Europe to Israel, a shot was fired from that ship and it hit my brother in the forehead and killed him, so I have little empathy with Isrealis. However I cannot support a gorvernment that denys the right for Isreal to exist and is comfortable with attaching bombs to people and send them into crowded areas for the express purpose of murder and dance in the streets when aeroplanes are flown into tall buildings. You mention God's help in your message, it is questionable if God supports this type of behavior.
June 27, 2007
9:24 AM PDT
For me,the saddest thing is to see 'Palestine'divided,even before it is OFFICIALLY recognised as a new State.I would rather think of these people as just being PALESTINIANS,living side by side in peace,with their neighbours,which to me symbolizes the peace of God.The easiest thing to do,when the heart is full of bias,bitterness and hatred,is pick up a gun a kill! The hardest thing to do,is put down the gun,offer your enemy and glass of water and invite,instead,to TALK and find a consensus agreement.The latter,would be the way of God, because I would never expect the One God to pick up a gun,or put on a bomb-vest to kill!
So,to me,right now,as long as Hamas are aligned with Iran,who are in alignment with Al Qaeda and extremists/ jihadists,whatever their nationality,I can only see more death,destruction and division of people,which only makes MORE money for corporations/cartels and war-mongers,and STILL has no benefit for ordinary people.
I am equally annoyed with,AND ashamed of many Politicians/Governments/Rulers in USA,,SAUDI,ISRAEL,IRAN,BRITAIN ETC ETC!,for all their lies and double-dealings.They should ALL be ashamed of choosing the easy way(violence),instead of taking up the challenge of finding God(in peace and agreement).
I still hope to see a new State of Palestine,with united Palestinians,not puppets of other,bigger powers!And,I think,here is where Hamas has to prove itself!
If it can prove that it is loyal only to a Democratic,multi-ethnic,Palestine and uniting Palestinians,to live in agreeable(even if not as best 'buddies')conditions,side by side with Israel(all brothers in the eyes of God!)then they will show their good will.
But,if they side with Al Qaeda and the like,and stay with the gun and bloodshed, the New State of Palestine,will be an eternal dream only!
On LinkTV(MOSAIC) news today,I am glad that,at least,Israeli P.M.Olmert has agreed to release some Fatah members.I may be getting too old,but I remain optmistic that Hamas guys will be next,because to me they are all "Palestinians"!
But I feel Hamas SHOULD show their committment to a Democratic Palestine first,before the Hamas members are released.And,they should return the Israeli soldier,unconditionally,who is sick,to his family.Trust is gained through actions, words can be empty. Just as Fatah will have to earn the world's trust, by it's actions.Then,hopefully,we will see a peaceful happy future,for the children of Palestine and Israel.
What would Allah/God do? Offer the glass of pure cool water? Or offer the heat and hate of a gun?
Let's see a successful,tolerant,Democratic Palestine.
They need to get back to tourism,fiscal security,tea,sweets,music and some good football!
Oh and give Tony Blair a chance to 'de-Bush'and redeem himself.He's a good guy,basically,and plays a crackin' game of soccer,I'm sure he'll bring his kit,with his Quartet'referee'whistle! Time for some tea!
Peace! Salaam! Shalom!
p.s.LOL! 'HAMAS' should re-name itself!
June 26, 2007
5:01 PM PDT
I must say that I am disappointed in the responses in this blog. The Palestinians had an election and elected a government of their choice. Hamas government officials began in good faith and worked to form a unity government while outside interests consistently harried and harassed them and set up their Fatah counterparts to attempt to overthrow them. They were denied their own tax money necessary to run a government and support their people. They maintained a ceasefire while hundreds of Palestinians, most of them civilians and many government officials from their party were murdered and imprisoned by the Israeli army. And yet you call them terrorists. To expect gratitude from them for this treatment is unreasonable and cruel.
June 22, 2007
10:00 PM PDT
Up until about 15 months ago my Taxes went to support Gaza Palistinians, for the twenty years I and my fellow countrymen paid taxes that ended up as aid to Gaza. I saw absolutely no positive effort on the part of the people of Gaza to help themselves during that period. I did see the people of Gaza blame everyone but themselves for their predicament. Now Gaza has gunmen "ruling" who are beginning to wonder who is going to supply them with more bullets and are complaining that the rest of the world are not helping them, surprise!surprise!.
June 22, 2007
1:09 PM PDT
But that's why it IS so sad.Because it wasn't a suprise,just ANOTHER disappointment. It's something that has been 'brewing' for decades.You split a cake TOO much,it collapses into crumbs! And it doesn't help by having outside bigger bullies goading from the side-lines too,concerned,only, with their own ends.
The Palestinian people,either stick together as a new sovereign State/Nation (hopefully)DESPITE their internal differences, or they finally pick a bigger human'mentor',who reflects their own true personal needs for the immediate future. There should be a FORMAL 'State of Palestine',living side by side with the State of Israel,in mutual respect and tolerance. Whatever their differences,even now,they share the GREATEST commonality.They believe in the same God!
What else do they NEED in common?
Because everything else is meagre, by comparison.
Even if they have to do ANOTHER election,overseen by a neutral Commission of multi-nationals,to make sure the final count is unadulterated. The choice is theirs and I hope they have the courage to MAKE IT!
and EVERY ONE of their neighbours should be helping them to build a new homeland!
June 22, 2007
8:48 AM PDT
When the Palistinian people of Gaza democratically elected a Terrorist personnel to govenment they need to accept the responsibility of this action, so why is anyone surprised at the current situation in Gaza??
June 22, 2007
7:01 AM PDT
I don't know what will happen now, but it doesn't look promising. The events of the last week are really very sad, but not surprising. The entire world seems to have lined up against supporting the integration of the Hamas and Fatah factions in Palestine. Although I feel that Hamas and the Palestinian people have been severely wronged with regard to their democratic choice, and though I can understand their frustration, I don't think anything good can come of the current situation. As in any situation, I find myself inclined to blame those with power for influencing the situation in a negative way. Right or wrong, those without power are the ones who pay. Unfortunately there aren't enough saints around to supply effective leadership to the disenfranchised and oppressed masses of the world.
I look at the situation of Hamas in Gaza, and see something like the final plight to Sitting Bull, and then I look at Bush and Cheney in Iraq and see a reflection Of Custer's battle at Big Horn. But there are a lot more Arabs in the Middle East than there were Native Americans on the North American continent when the Europeans arrived. There are too many Palestinians and too many observers for them to be held in their prisons indefinitely. We are moving to the point where only a one-state solution will be possible. If and when that occurs, regardless of the initial provisions, the Palestinians will eventually be restored to their homeland.
June 17, 2007
4:37 PM PDT
Why don't they have a 'multi-state' solution? They could have a Sunni State,a Sunni EXTREMIST State,a Moderate Shia State,A Fundamentalist State, An Alawite State,A Hesboallah State etc etc?
If God gave Abraham 12 'streams'(tribes),2'STREAMS',seems a bit cheapo, right?
Seriously! the more 'extreme' this gets,the more blood is shed,then the further it get's away from the Essence!
I never thought I would see Palestinians/Arabs killing each other again!But neither am I surprised, just SO disappointed.
AND,Alan Johnson has always been the voice of the Palestinian peoples cause. If they harm Alan,they will cut out their 'own tongue'! Alan deserves their care and respect and his freedom!
Outside of Politics and Religion, I have met many wonderful Muslim people(of many sects)and those others that live by death and bloodshed,have very little in common with them.
My own God,is the same a their God(Allah),BECAUSE there is only ONE God(of love and tolerance),one light,one essence in our soul.The Intangible,the perfect,and He said,'Do not shed blood or hate'.
One Essence,One Light? Then why separate their children by borders of brick,blood and hate? Because we are weak and greedy!
It's worse than "wild cats"!
All the points that Dr.Sarraj makes,are VERY SADLY valid!
June 17, 2007
1:15 PM PDT
More on this in this article:

Denied Legitimacy by Vote, Hamas Wins it by Force

New America Media, News Analysis/Commentary, Jamal Dajani, Posted: Jun 15, 2007

“We are now like a group of wild cats that once were spoiled and dignified but now caged in and starved. On the political level, our leaders look like small players while the big ones are living somewhere else, like Washington, Tel Aviv and Tehran,” wrote Dr. Eyad El Sarraj in an email to friends living in the outside world on the current crisis in the Gaza Strip.

Two years ago, Sarraj invited me to his home in Gaza for tea and sweets. He had just returned from a swim in the Mediterranean.

“The sea is my only escape…of course I can only do that when the Israelis are not shelling us,” he said while drying his hair. At that time I interviewed Sarraj for a documentary I was working on. He spoke to me in detail about the effects of the occupation on the mental health of Palestinian children, an area of expertise that he developed while running the only mental health clinic in the Gaza Strip.

The situation in Gaza has changed since. The fighting is now between Fatah and Hamas; brothers from the same family have turned their guns on each other.

What happened in Gaza has been attributed to the result of a coup d'etat, the spread of radical Islam in the Middle East and, by some, to Al-Qaeda. But none of these theories is correct.

So what went wrong in Gaza?

Though Hamas won elections in January 2006, its efforts to govern have been stymied by international sanctions against the Palestinian government and a crippling Israeli siege. Fatah, instead of responding to its electoral loss by bringing in new leadership and weaning itself away from corruption, has spent its time conspiring to overthrow Hamas.

Denied the legitimate victory it won in the elections, Hamas was not allowed to govern. Now it has won a military victory -- with bullets. Yet what led to this was a prolonged Israeli occupation and siege, the international community’s indifference to a starving Palestinian population, and the systematic weakening of the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

When Israel unilaterally withdrew from Gaza last year, it left almost 80 percent of the population dependent on foreign aid agencies and the United Nations. Since the election of Hamas, the United States, the European Union and most Arab countries have abandoned the 1.4 million inhabitants in Gaza, driving many of the young population to take up arms. Gaza has become nothing but a large jail with dilapidated neighborhoods and external forces pitting different groups against one another and playing on their fears. The situation is not that different from the creation of the Crips and Bloods in East Los Angeles.

Back in 2005, when I was traveling between different neighborhoods I was able to recognize who was in control by the flags and the different insignias: Fatah, Hamas, PFLP, Islamic Jihad and so on. Kids my son’s age -- who was then in the 11th grade -- were toting guns on their shoulders instead of being in classrooms. The writing was on the wall.

Interestingly, since the battles with Fatah, Hamas has been careful not to provoke the Israelis. Rocket attacks in southern Israel have almost ceased; Hamas has also ordered the militias that kidnapped BBC correspondent Alan Johnston to hand him over, a possible first step towards his release. Meanwhile, there are talks that Hamas has been negotiating with the Israelis about freeing its kidnapped soldier, Gilad Shalit. Israeli pragmatists in the country's intelligence circles have started to propose the unspeakable: that Israel may have no choice but to deal with the new lords of Gaza.

Today, the Palestinian territories are effectively split in two. Gaza is now controlled by Hamas, which has close ties to Syria and Iran. The West Bank is dominated by Fatah, which has ties to Israel and the West. For the past several years, we have been hearing about George W. Bush’s vision of a “two-state solution,” an Israel and a Palestinian state living side-by-side. The new reality on the ground is that we have three states on historic Palestine, a Hamas-run state in Gaza, a Fatah-run state in the West Bank, and Israel in between.
June 16, 2007
7:12 AM PDT
What is going on in Gaza is terrible but the Israelis have transformed this place into a prison. The US and the rest of the world have abandoned it as mentioned in the mosaic intelligence report. No authority, no food, no clean water, no employment in the most crowded place in the world. What do you expect?
June 15, 2007
10:18 PM PDT
It is too bad that the Palestinians fell into the old colonial trap, "divide and rule." I hope that they'll find a way out.
June 15, 2007
5:52 PM PDT
This is shaping up to be another bloody and awful summer in the middle east. Fatah will cling to whatever power it can in the West Bank, while Hamas will most likely feel emboldened by their 'victory' in Gaza to completely take over the government. Fighting will drag on while the civilians caught in the middle will bear the brunt of the destruction. The only real wild card will be Israel, as Olmert has recently announced Ehud Barak as his new Defense Minister. They certainly won't stand idle if Hamas continues to take ground and drive Fatah out, but to what degree, politically or militarily, they will get involved in the crisis I think depends upon how events unfold. Nothing good will come of this if things continue the way they are now.

By the way, I'd like to thank all the people that put Mosaic together everyday, I find it an extremely valuable source of news and perspectives that I would otherwise be unable to access. Thank you for making such an awesome program.
June 15, 2007
4:47 PM PDT
It breaks my heart to see the political'vultures'circling!
Ask the 'big boys' in Iran,America,Syria,Saudi,Persian Gulf,Egypt,Israel etc etc.
what their 'agendas' are? Because,it seems that the last thing on their minds,as usual,are the rights of the ordinary people!
The Palestinians,Lebanese,Israelis etc,have been around long enough to show us what they REALLY want.I just hope that freedom,a pluralistic society and THEIR type of Democracy will still be an option, and Resolution 242, not just a dream of the past!
As they say,"Ma'asalaam,Inshallah" (not bad for an "infidel" who shares the same God,huh?) I will hang on,to a hope,for dialogue,sanity and reason!