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All the President's Men in Serious Trouble
June 26, 2007
5:18 PM PDT
During the American Revolution, the patriots were designated as Terrorists and Insurrectionists by the British. Maybe we ought to rethink our designation of terrorist. Perhaps we have designated some of the wrong organizations and missed others that should be so designated.
Hamas, Hezbollah and al Sadre's followers in Iraq all look after the people. They open clinics, food kitchens and social facilities. They are popular enough to attract loyal militias who will can be relied on to support their leadership and to protect the members of their communities where possible. Their leaders have reached out to opposing factions, with the caveat that they be treated with respect and dignity.
Our favored governments in those countries take no responsibility for the welfare of the people because they are so focused on the goals of their western sponsors. They are forbidden to meet their (terrorist) counterparts halfway by their western allies who provide them with weapons and 'economic assistance' with IMF strings attached. Meanwhile the people go hungry and lack basic medical care, and their armies are weak, conflicted and unreliable.
June 25, 2007
10:10 AM PDT
To raycorfe,You are quite right,there is far more than'one ball in this oily court'If I were to express my outrage at all those Governments involved in this dirty business,I'm afraid I would need the WHOLE website!Which wouldn't leave any space for other valuable voices,respectfully,from all over the world.
My comments DID focus mainly on the U.S.Government presently in situ,but only because as MY Government,I have never been so outraged,embarrassed and disgusted by their actions and how it reflects on the citizens of America,and dishonors our Constitution etc.
These 'legislators' are SUPPOSED to be in office,by our vote and our respect and request,and besides the immediate family,they are supposed to be our childrens National mentors for the future! Up-front representatives of MY Nation! Yet,if my children ever grow up to resemble most of our present administration,I would have nothing to be proud of!
I realise(sadly)that we all have a direct(or indirect)finger in the'oil pie',but that does not exuse me from NOT pulling it out,when I realise what crimes OUR Government(Repubs AND Dems alike)and Oil Corps alone,are committing,just to buy/pillage/control cheap oil reserves from despotic countries,in exchange for weapons and hardware deals,or money to feed the starving majority.
These are NOT the 'mentors'that I seek,and neither does America as a whole.
If they can impeach ole'Clinton, for mere 'nooky under the oval-deskie,and lying under oath,then there is NO REASON ON EARTH,not to IMPEACH Bush and Cheney for High-Crimes and Misdemeanours according to The Constitution,for lying and misleading us in to an foreign occupation and the pillaging of fiscal and fossil resources!!! Despicable!
In fact I'm so ashamed that my DEMOCRATIC party and the Republican Congress didn't have the ba*** to defend the Constitution of America,by making Bush,Cheney etc face their accountabilities and their double-dealings,according to the Rule Of Law! I guess that would have opened up A REALLY big nest of vipers.
I may even switch my vote to an Independant party!
Hum! So,'Chemical Ali'has been sentanced to hang! I noticed they 'omitted' to say where,and from whom,Saddam had purchased the Mustard Gas and chemicals, in the first place!
You see,raycorfe!LOL, don't get me started,or you won't get a word in,sideways! LOL!

June 25, 2007
6:36 AM PDT
To Grassroots, You make a lot of good points, I am from Europe and I find that just to blame the Governing personnel of the USA a bit of a narrow outlook, you could add the governing personnel of France, Gemany, Uk, Spain, Italy etc they all comsume oil from the middle east and not all support the US but all are doing the same as the US with regard to Oil Companies.
June 24, 2007
11:51 AM PDT
We have to keep remembering something here,it's not so much The USA,as a people, who is creating chaos in Iraq,it's self-seeking,self-serving OIL CORPORATIONS!Those Businesses,who have filtered their way into the American Congress and White House,over the last 3 decades(at least).Those 'interested parties'(including foreign) who donate MILLIONS to USA campaign elections,which'buys'them EXCLUSIVE one-bid-only rights to furnish and equip a foreign occupation. CEO'S become Politicians become CEO'S become lobbyists and walk off with MLLIONS while the honest citizens barely have enough to treat their sick or bury THEIR DEAD!
I love America,and real Democracy,and it makes me nauseous to see greedy oil CEO'S running our country an using OUR military,our taxes and sending our boys and girls to their deaths,or life-long injury,JUST FOR THEIR CORPORATE PROFIT!!!!
America is in the hands of oligarchical 'businessmen'and any chaos now being created world-wide is a 'planned-in-advanced' distraction,to what's going on behind stage!
What's happening in America under the 'Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Rice/Rove/World Bank'crew etc,is not so far removed from what is happening in Saudi with the Al-Saud Family. I suppose oligarchies stick together? But,you can bet that their main concern is NOT THAT OF THEIR PEOPLE, primarily!
If the Iraqi,Afghani people STOPPED their internal strife and REALLY looked at what is happening to their resources,in the hands of foreign Corporations,they would realise they are not concentrating on the REAL issue, they are focused on the smoke-screen. As long as they REMAIN in chaos and LAWLESS, without a valid Government,they will not have a 'legal-leg'to stand on, to protect themselves and have the LEGAL right to say, "NO THANKYOU! We'll get a second opinion!"
As a proud citizen, I am DISGUSTED with the hypocrisy of our administration, who are,THEMSELVES,breaking the rules of the Constitution(which is OUR DEMOCRATIC ROOT)and Bill of Rights, not to mention International Human Rights!!!! I don't want these 'Oil-men'ruining the integrity and future reputation of the American people,because we are just ordinary people like any other Nation!
And don't believe it when they tell you "America is addicted to oil",that's just them trying to BLAME US,for their own amoral deeds,and to justify the spilling of more blood! All to feed our "addiction"! BULL****! I'll stop filling up on foreign 'blood-stained'oil tomorrow,and go ELECTRIC,WIND,VEGETABLE FAT,if it will stop any more people being killed,WHATEVER their Nationality.
But,the Iraqi people must stop hurting each other and concentrate on Their Country and THEIR resources and THEIR economy!Because external'pirates' are using Iraqi internal bitternesses as their blind-spot.
I love my country,but feel ashamed at the actions of our 'crony' administration.They do not represent America, they are not our National voice and are doing us more harm than good,internationally.
It breaks my heart,to think that on the morning of 9/11 while those planes were headed for their innocent targets,the BIN LADEN extended family(Osama's brother etc)were sitting with 'The Carlyle Group'(Government,Ex-Government,Government-to-be elite etc) IN Washington D.C.,at a hotel, doing BUSINESS!(See the book,"The Exception to the Rulers',by Amy and David Goodman,a REAL eye-opener!).That must have really got up Osama's 'nose',what?
Hey! perhaps one of those planes was headed for that same hotel,not the White House?
The only fallen "dominoes" that Bush and his oil-slick 'buddies'are interested in, are those they can pick up and have rebuilt by American Corporations,with bright shiney new names on top,like Halliburton,ExxonMobile,Chevron,Unocal,Shell,BlackWater etc etc!
I don't know what the Cheney/Bush 'crew' are doing, but it's not American! They are from some other planet! Oh my Goodness, that's it!
That's why they all look like Cheney clones,they're ALIENS,E.T.'S! Come to spread disease(anthrax and bubonic plaque).Quick,get the homeland security(or the X-FILES!)Where's Fox Mulder?
Seriously,we need to protect our Constitution and the Iraqi people must protect their resources by establishing their Government!
Perhaps LinkTV should cover,in a new documentary, what exactly is happening behind the scenes,at the Oil Plants(world-wide),and which 'cronies'are getting 'embedded' there?
Peace,Salaam,have a good weekend!

June 23, 2007
11:43 AM PDT
The US policy in the region is about OIL and not about people. Most killings in modern history did not happen between Muslims killing each other but rather between Christians as the case in WWII
June 23, 2007
5:27 AM PDT
Why blame UK or US, the strife is Muslims murdering Muslims and it will continue no matter what the UK or US policies are.
June 22, 2007
8:42 PM PDT
The entire U.S. policy in the Middle East has been a failure. You can add on the list, Hosni Mubarak, Ehud Olmert, both King Abdullah's and the list goes on...
June 22, 2007
5:07 PM PDT
The Bush Administration has claimed that changes in Iraq will produce a positive "domino-effect" throughout the Middle East. The result? Chaos and destruction dominate the region. Meanwhile, it seems that all those who the U.S. has been supporting are in trouble. Karzai in Afghanistan is losing ground to the Taliban, Maliki is unable to bring security back to Iraq, Seniora has failed to disarm Hezbollah, and Abbas has been booted out of Gaza. Who can the U.S. rely on in the future?