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Let's See Another Tile In The Mosaic
June 28, 2007
9:27 AM PDT
I appreciate the focus that Mosaic currently has on important events from the Middle East, as much of the conflict covered pertains to the Western world just as much as to the Arab world. Unfortunately, as long as there is a war, there will continue to be bloody headlines and news reports. Personally I am much more interested in the politics of the middle east, and Mosaic gives a better perspective of the governments then you would find on say, CNN, which has 24 hours to talk about all the Paris Hilton and whatever other crap they want.

And to Grassroots: Israel is a giant stew of various languages so I'm not surprised by any accent on an Israeli channel, but I've always assumed that since the British were the major colonial power in the Middle East, they would have be the most accessible ones to learn english from in the region. Hence the 'accent' that seems to come from some arab speakers. I'm not Middle Eastern, so I don't know for sure about the various accents/dialects in the region, but I had always just assumed they picked it up from their colonial ties.
June 28, 2007
7:46 AM PDT
LOL! Mosaic,the ony time you need to worry about 'lil ole' Paris,is if she's given community service in Iraq!!
You just keep putting the global 'mosaic' together,by giving the viewers the facts!From ALL sides! You keep picking up the 'tiles',and we will keep putting the picture back in place.And,if it's a picture of peace and tolerance,that's something we can all share!
Then we can really relax,with arts,entertainment,economy,tea and sweets etc.
Perhaps,right now,even Paris a little distracted in her un-real world,by global events?
As if!
P.S. One thing Mosaic! How come there so many American,Canadian and British sounding presenters on the Arab/Israeli news channels? Or is it just using English, as a global communication?
Or,are they out-sourcing, or out-funding? Lol!
June 27, 2007
11:02 PM PDT
No! Please give us the real news. If I want to watch entertainment, I'll watch the E Channel or CNN and see another interview with Paris Hilton!
June 27, 2007
10:41 PM PDT
The entire Mosaic staff shares your hopes and you are right, we provide little news about the arts, sports and entertainment. Unfortunately, Mosaic is event driven and is only 30 minutes long. With a war going on in Iraq, a power struggle in Palestine, raging battles in Lebanon and a whole line-up of other breaking news, we can only allocate very little time for the lighter stuff.
June 27, 2007
10:23 PM PDT
response to the last post. no one cares about anything in the middle east except for war and oil. new post jewboy-me loves mosaic and its mostley muslim point of view. when will you people arabs/jews/persians/pakistanis realize that we have more in common than diffrent. i learn to hate, not born to hate, and i can learn to trust, how about you.
June 27, 2007
9:53 AM PDT
I enjoy Mosaic but it seems to be very one dimensional, focusing almost exclusively on the violence in that region. Wouldn't it truely be a more diverse "mosaic" if it opened the filter just a little to let in news about the economy, entertainment, sports, or the arts. Perhaps this doesn't appear on tv news from the middle east, but I doubt it.