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Truth about Oil and Gas?
July 13, 2007
7:06 AM PDT
Dear Mosiac,
Thanks! for the info.I'm aware of the past tense strategies and the increasing tension rising in the Kurdish areas,especially with mounting old-fashioned animosity on the Turkish/kurdish border.BUT! when you say,"granting of lucrative reconstruction",has that deal been finalized by attorneys,in ink,on paper?
Or,is it still floating on the Monty Python level,i.e.'handshake,nod of the head,"nudge,nudge,wink,wink,say no more" basis? Which wouldn't be a good enough reason for the repubs and dems alike to say,'OK! Bring our boys and girls home,NOW.
The deal would have to be triple-carved in legal-proof stone FIRST.
I guess,like 70% of the population,I no longer trust Bush and Cheney,their strategies and co-horts and the American voting system. They are shredding American Demcracy! And,as a person of integrity and principles who loves my country,I want answers,to questions that I feel everyone has a right to.I still worry about the end result for the American AND IRAQI people. Can we heal mutual wounds? What exactly are these oil(benchmark)"terms" being sought i.e:
The length of time of the oil deal?
The percentage of 'bucks'(not Euro's now,as Saddam was looking at)that will be 'distributed' between all parties?
In which compass direction the oil will be shipped?
Who get's the private contracts(eg.Halliburton,KBR and Blackwater etc)to protect, on site,the pipeline course?
To what level of privately owned armed strength?
And,how do the Iraqi people feel about the terms?
I watch Mosaic(and other international)news,daily and you see what is happening on the frontline,but not much is SHOWN about the ACTUAL process of these 18 or so bureaucratic "benchmarks".
LOL! I have been to a lot of stadium games,and believe me,the "marks"(stains)that are left on "benches"(bleachers),can be pretty dirty,stinky and unpleasant!Not something you'd want to sit in! LOL!
SO,when the admin. start spouting "halting progress","security situation in Iraq remains complex and extremely challenging..",is that another way of saying,
I guess I am just past believing that Repubs and Dems are capable and honest enough,on behalf of the American people as a Nation,to leave "benchmarks" we would WANT to sit on,in good conscience.Is it going to be a future'ballgame'with clean bleachers,that we would be PROUD to invite our Iraqi friends to(if we have any left,and Bush hasn't driven them ALL away to become anti-American EXTREMISTS)?
Sorry Mosiac! Questions!Questions!
BUT,we need lots of answers,answers! Before more people are lost on a blurry and ambiguous frontline!
Thanks! Time for some tea! LOL!
July 12, 2007
9:51 PM PDT
Iraq possesses the third-largest oil reserves (after Saudi Arabia and Iran) and only a small percentage of the country has been explored.

One of the first tasks undertaken by US troops after the invasion was to secure the Iraqi oil ministry, and to occupy oilfields and installations. This was followed by the granting of lucrative reconstruction contracts to the US oil service industry, including Halliburton (the former chief executive of which was Vice-President Dick Cheney). However, Kurdish leaders spoke out on Wednesday against a key oil law, raising further doubts over efforts to pass one of the political benchmarks sought by the U.S.
July 12, 2007
11:11 AM PDT
Dear Mosaic, What exactly I happening in the oil areas of Iraq?
We keep hearing Congressmen and Dubya's men asking for 'patience',time,etc for the "mission"?
What exactly IS THIS MISSION NOW? My instincts tell me the "mission" is just to make darn sure that after all this cost an bloodshed,that the SIGNATURES at the bottom of any long-term contracts with the Iraqi 'Government',for refining/shipping Iraqi oil are from American(and British,Saudi etc)oil Corporations ONLY!
No French,German, Indian or Chinese Companies etc.Just the like of Exxon,BP,Chevron,Aramco etc.
Is that really why people are dying and being physically,emotionally,mentally abused,under the cover of seeking peace,freedom and Democracy? For an enforced business contract,for oil(and a few military bases,to 'protect the oil plants'?
The terms,Democrat,Republican Independant etc,don't matter to me anymore.Because all of this is a immoral catastrophy to all AMERICANS,regardless of political beliefs.
If it is "the mission" then we should be seeing a lot more of this 'goal' on the TV news,to counterbalance the coverage of the bloodshed. Let's see the logos of the companies which are getting 'comfy' in the oil regions. If the newsmen can get near to the barbed wire-fences and armed guards!
If this is NOT the "mission"then nothing to fear,means nothing to hide from the newsmen!
Mosaic,what,EXACTLY,are the oil companies DOING while the world is distracted? Shouldn't you cover this more,if this IS the root cause of all this mayhem?
As we watch everyday,people and things are being blown up,so WHAT are THEY building,behind these scenes? Because behind all this killing,you can bet there are 'business men',in suits and ties, with briefcases FULL of documents,lurking in the shadows,waiting for SIGNATURES!
Perhaps it's simple to these war CEO'S(TZAR'S)?
Maybe the 'mission'is accomplished when the bottom line on the OIL contract,is signed by Iraq and America,ONLY?
July 3, 2007
2:20 PM PDT
Dear Mosaic,Thankyou I will look forward to that.Don't forget to include the next problem too,the fight over water rights!Whether for drinking,hygiene,farming or shipping!That also in short supply and under tight territorial scrutiny!
July 3, 2007
12:51 PM PDT
Dear Grassroots,

You are absolutely right. I spoke about this back in 2002 in an interview published in the SF Chronicle,

We are running out of oil and in less than 100 years it will be like the movie Mad Max. My co-producer for the Mosaic Intelligence Report always says that we need to do one about oil and I promise we will...It's All About OIL
July 3, 2007
7:01 AM PDT
Dear Mosaic,While all this terrible killing goes on between countries and tribes etc,one thing no-one ever mentions much,is what the internationl oil and gas cartels/corporations are doing in Iraq,across Central Asia,all across to the old USSR.
Now we know that this is all about oil and those areas are steeped in rich oil reserves and many companies(American,Russian,British,Saudi etc etc)have bought huge concessions there throughout the last few decades,and while,in the media,we sadly see lots of blood flowing,we NEVER seem to hear and see much about how the oil is flowing AND IN WHICH DIRECTION?
When I see Bush and Putin coming together for an informal'summit',AND Bush'Carlyle' SR. is there TOO,it has to be about oil as well! Now,seeing all those oil businessmen together,there has to be the smell of something going on, and it's not FISH!
Are companies like Unocal,Delta,B.P.,Chevron,Exxon Mobile and Russian cartels STILL wanting to build a pipeline from Russia,through Afghanistan,Russia,Azerbaijan,Turkmenistan,Kurdistan,Turkey out to the Caspian and Black Sea,through to Europe?
LOL! Is that why "summits" are being held,about new Radar stations("missile shields") possibly built in Azerbaijan(rich oil area)? And what about Iran? Are all those beautiful Tabriz carpets going to be soaked in oil? Is that why Russian weapons,in the hands of the Quds forces are sneaking in through Northern Iraq!Questions,questons,questions?
What a Rubik cube! Maybe this would be a good one for Mosaic's 'Intelligence Report'? Without any 'spin',just proven facts.
As a person who believes in True Democracy,Peace,Ethics,Freedom and Truth,if blood is being spilled,I think all people have a right to know why,for whom,and where,before they fill their gas tanks and the price of fuel goes up again!
I don't care where these 'businessmen' come from,but if they are abusing the rights/freedoms of their citizens,in their campaigns for profit,I personally, would like to know WHERE AND HOW,in the present tense,not later in the past tense!
Mosaic,if these tragedies are because of energy/POWER resources,include it in your news,because the other global news don't seem to be interested in it.Hum! I WONDER why? LOL! Peace! Salaam! Shalom!