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Link TV is a Treasure

Link TV is a Treasure

Lorraine Hess, Link TV's Vice President of of Acquisitions, remembers the launch of Link TV eleven years ago when the team slept at the office and basked in the glow of the very first broadcast. The hard work has paid off and the channel has remained a uniquely independent window to the world unlike any other station. For Lorraine, Link TV is a national treasure.
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Tune in to Link TV for extraordinary international series' not found anywhere else in the US, including: Stand Up Planet, a new series using humor in the fight against global poverty; Borgen, an award-winning political drama from Denmark; Arab Labor, Israeli TV's controversial hit comedy series; and The Team, Kenya's soap opera for social good. Click below for broadcast times, online viewing options, and more information.



Stand Up Planet (Coming this fall!)

Stand Up Planet







Arab Labor

Arab Labor (Season 2)



The Team

The Team