ISSUE: Extractive Industries

Pipeline CornfieldJust as the US government announced plans to open up offshore drilling in the Atlantic, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill hit the front pages as a stark warning of the risky nature of deepwater drilling. 

Would a similar incident off the Atlantic coast of Africa prompt the same response and media coverage? Today, the largest extractive industries – oil and mining – are located in countries with weak or non-existent regulations, flawed legal systems and corrupt governments. In these countries, multinational corporations make huge profits, often without any benefit to local populations. Worse, these resources are often at the root of deadly conflict.


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explore: West Virginia - Hillbillies, Coal Miners, Treehuggers & God

explore: West Virginia - Hillbillies, Coal Miners, Treehuggers & God

On April 5, 2010, a massive explosion ripped through Massey Energy's Upper Big Branch mine in West Virginia, leading to the deaths of 29 coal miners. Join host Charles Annenberg Weingarten and the explore team as they enter the heart of Appalachia to meet the community torn apart by the disaster, and learn about their fight to protect the environment and rebuild their way of life.

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FEATURED: Join host Charles Annenberg Weingarten and the explore team in the heart of Appalachia to meet the community torn apart by the April 5, 2010, Massey Energy mine disaster. Learn about their fight to protect the environment, and to rebuild their way of life.


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Get Information and Take Action Against Conflict Minerals from Congo

Join the movement, host a party, or contact your representatives. Take action with the Enough Project!

Sign a petition...Tell Congress: No more secret payments!  Where is your gas money going?  Backroom deals, secret payments to foreign governments, and who knows where else...


PhoneGlobal Witness Campaigns and Actions

Learn about Global Witness's many campaigns against extractive industries and make a donation.

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MegaphoneEducate Yourself on the Facts
Talk about blood diamonds! Social change begins with increased awareness.Talk to people you know about the issue of blood diamonds to help raise awareness and affect purchasing decisions. Encourage them to also spread the word (download the Diamond Facts PDF).


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Newspaper“Blood and Treasure”
by Adam Hochschild

Mother Jones, March/April 2010 - The real problem is not conflict minerals, but the fact that Congo’s long-suffering people reap only a tiny share of their country’s vast wealth (read full article).

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Chad-Cameroon Pipeline: Crude Awakening

The World Bank-supported Chad-Cameroon oil pipeline has been operational for over 6 years, but controversy around the so-called "oil for development project" has hardly died down. From one end of the 670 mile pipeline to the other, project partners raised hopes and expectations of local populations. But for those who had no choice or say about the project, the disappointment is profound. Learn more about the pipeline.