An independent, noncommercial media company delivering global news, documentaries and entertainment via three distribution channels: broadcast, web and mobile devices. Link Media presents diverse perspectives on critical global issues often underserved by conventional media, and gives voice to points of view that would otherwise go unheard. Link Media uses video and the power of stories to engage, inform and inspire its audiences to participate in transformational, sustainable change on issues of global importance. Founded in 1999, Link Media operates the Link TV national network and the websites and


Link TV reaches more than 35 million US households (one third of all homes) as a basic service on DIRECTV channel 375 and DISH Network channel 9410, and 6.7 million viewers tune in on a weekly basis. Select programming reaches an additional 22 million homes via 220 cable outlets, and 5,000 videos are available for free streaming online at Follow Link TV on Twitter: @linktv and @viewchange, and on Facebook: and



LINK MEDIA... links viewers to GLOBAL NEWS.

Unfiltered global news showcases events in the Middle East, Europe, Asia and beyond.

  • Daily global news broadcasts from global sources including Al Jazeera English, NHK World, Deutsche Welle, and Democracy Now!
  • LinkAsia, a weekly half-hour program, combines official state news from Asia's top television networks with trends and conversations rising through Asia's blogs and social media.
  • Peabody Award-winning daily broadcast Mosaic: World News from the Middle East airs unedited selections of news reports from more than 47 Middle Eastern broadcasters.
  • Link News (, a unique news aggregator for the next generation of news consumers, connects visitors to videos and articles from a variety of news sources around the world, and pairs that content with related information and potential actions.


Not just a television channel, Link Media is based in San Francisco/Silicon Valley, and is a laboratory for innovative new ways to share media.

  • Link Media created the first semantically powered platform for video: Funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, uses next-generation search techniques to connect users to videos, articles and actions in open media.
  • Link News, a site for global news and documentaries, takes Link's semantic tools even further by offering a portal to hard-to-find news from around the world, often translated by our multilingual staff into English.
  • Link Media has a suite of new mobile apps for breaking global news coverage in development that will bring Link's content to tablet and smartphone users worldwide.


Award-winning documentaries, global entertainment series and foreign films air on Link TV and are available online at

  • The edgy Danish drama series Borgen (Government), from the producers of the hit The Killing, airs exclusively in the US on Link TV. The series follows the rise to power of Denmark's new female prime minister, who secures her party a landslide victory through her idealism but then has to face enormous challenges, both personal and professional.
  • Every week, the DOC-DEBUT series delivers a unique and groundbreaking documentary from around the world, offering American audiences bold perspectives on world events and culture as seen through the eyes of individuals across the globe.
  • Israel's controversial hit comedy series Arab Labor -- called the "Seinfeld of the Middle East" -- follows Amjad, a Palestinian journalist and Israeli citizen in search of his identity. This was the first Israeli primetime show to include Palestinian characters speaking in Arabic.


Original, innovative participatory programs promote national and global citizen action.

  • Link Media connects viewers with organizations striving to make change on issues including humanitarian disasters, climate change, food safety and security, women's rights, water, racial justice, and debt in the developing world.
  •, a next-generation multimedia web platform and TV series, connects viewers to the world of global development -- and to social actions -- through real stories about people in developing countries.
  • Link Media partners with global development groups including Save the Children, Oxfam, Bread For the World and UNICEF to shine a light on challenges and solutions.
  • Sixty-five percent of viewers have taken action after watching Link; 19 percent have changed their perspective after watching Link.


  • 3.1 million video downloads and streams in 2010
  • 5,000+ high-quality streaming videos available
  • Wide syndication of content through Hulu, YouTube, iTunes, SnagFilms, and Miro

Link TV Audience

  • 60 percent are 18- to 34-year-olds
  • 46 percent are college graduates (71 percent have attended some college)
  • 36 percent are people of color
  • 55 percent have passports

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