FOOD: It's basic, and it's universal. But around the world it means so many different things. In 2011, the worst drought in 60 years to hit East Africa is causing severe famine threatening over 13.3 million people. At the same time, in many parts of the developed world obesity and diabetes run rampant, and worldwide 1.3 billion tons of food are lost or wasted annually.


Across the world, food can be simple, extravagant, precious or abundant. It shapes our beliefs, and makes us question our convictions. In some places it's a matter of sport, and in others, it's a matter of life and death. Browse this page to watch films online that uncover various global perspectives on food, and find out what you can do to help.


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Hassan and the Graduates

ViewChange: Hassan and the Graduates

Hassan has a degree in business, but he doesn't commute to an office every day. His chosen place of work is a farm in the desert 200 km from Cairo. WATCH

Africa's Last Famine

ViewChange: Africa's Last Famine

This World Food Day is marked by one of the worst famines in recent history. But, this report from Oxfam America and ViewChange shows how it could be the last. WATCH

Sweet Dreams

Al Jazeera Witness: Sweet Dreams

This documentary from the Al Jazeera English Witness series tells an inspiring story about the Rwandan genocide, a troupe of female drummers, and the healing power of ice cream. WATCH

TED Talks: Brian Skerry

TED Talks: Brian Skerry on Our Oceans

Photographer Brian Skerry shoots both the horror and the magic of the ocean. With intimate shots of undersea creatures, see how powerful images can make change. WATCH

explore: Special Episode 7 - The Arctic

explore: The Arctic

On a philanthropic, fact-finding mission to the Arctic, the explore team is introduced to Greenland's traditional Inuit cuisine, which includes raw seal meat, walrus, and caribou. WATCH

CousinsAl Jazeera Witness: Cousins

In this documentary from the Al Jazeera Witness series, can a small US grocery store keep up with the extraordinary Thanksgiving demands of a diverse community? WATCH

Seed Warriors

ViewChange: Seed Warriors

In the remote Norwegian town of Longyearbyen, lives the first global seed bank created to ensure the continued existence of biodiversity. But can it really feed the world? WATCH A CLIP

Land of PlentyAl Jazeera Witness: Land of Plenty

The US is a land of plenty. It is one of the world's major producers of food. But every year tons of food are wasted, thrown away before it ever reaches the dinner table. WATCH


ViewChange: Peanuts

Jock Brandis is a man with a mission: to design and build a simple, hand-operated peanut sheller that will enable villagers around the world to more easily grow peanuts for food. WATCH



From local farms to farmers' markets to kitchen tables, celebrate one of the most influential pioneers and leaders in the organic and local-food movement, Nora Pouillon. WATCH

JaffaJaffa - The Orange's Clockwork

This documentary narrates the untold story and visual history of the famous citrus fruit originated from Palestine and known worldwide for centuries as "Jaffa oranges." WATCH

TED Talks: Marcel Dicke and Jonathan Drori

TED: Marcel Dicke/Jonathan Drori

In these TED Talks Marcel Dicke makes an appetizing case for adding insects to everyone's diet, while Jonathan Drori encourages us to save biodiversity, one seed at a time. WATCH

The Food Challenge

Earth Focus: The Food Challenge

With soaring food prices, a growing population and a changing climate, how will we feed the world? Earth Focus looks at both low- and high-tech solutions. WATCH

American Shopper

American Shopper

Witness one man's struggle to start an unlikely new sport based around shopping, and the citizens of a small town who get swept up in his crazy dream. WATCH A CLIP

Rebecca's Wild Farm

Rebecca’s Wild Farm

Wildlife filmmaker Rebecca Hosking investigates how to transform her family's farm into a low energy farm for the future, and discovers that nature holds the key. WATCH A CLIP


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Exposed: The Ugly Side of Food Production

Exposed: The Ugly Side of Food Production

(Earth Focus: Episode 37) Food and social justice. Human rights abuses, rape and corrupt practices in the Bangladesh shrimp industry. A report by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation uncovers the human and environmental cost of shrimp farming and shows why buying shrimp from Bangladesh where they are exposed to pesticides and injected with dirty water may be hazardous to your health.


UK's The Ecologist investigates the plight of African migrant workers in Italy and looks how financial speculation is threatening the livelihood of Mexican farmers.


Learn more about food issues around the world, and find out what you can do.

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Earth Focus - Exposed: The Ugly Side of Food Production
Learn how Bangladeshi shrimp, Mexican corn, and Italian oranges are a recipe for a human rights disaster. This unsettling investigation by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation and The Ecologist looks at how the insatiable hunger for profit has spoiled our food sources and devastated communities where food is grown.


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October 16 - World Food Day

Join the UN in acknowledging the strife of one billion people facing hunger worldwide. Check back on the UN's World Food Day website to find out about this year's events.


2015 - Millenium Development Goals (Achievement Date)

Goal #1 of this global development strategy is the eradication of exterme poverty and hunger. Check this website for more information.

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Revolution HungerRevolution Hunger is a campaign that harnesses the power of teens to make a lifelong commitment to take on the problems of hunger and malnutrition around the world. Link Media has partnered with Revolution Hunger to help build increased awareness and impact, while working with a team of young leaders who are launching the campaign in their communities. Are you a teen? Or a parent/relative of a teen? Check out the website to get involved.

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