Global Pulse is a fast-moving and informative television and web series that helps you navigate the news of the world. Each 3-to-5 minute episode looks at the news, the world and ourselves in a new way.

Each day Global Pulse compares and contrasts news worldwide, as presented by diverse national broadcasters - tracking the important stories you might have missed, and finding new angles on stories you thought you understood. It's your global news positioning service.

Global Pulse is funded by grants from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

Toxic Justice? BP and Bhopal

Toxic Justice? BP and Bhopal

(Global Pulse: July 9, 2010) If you must experience a devastating industrial accident, pray you live in a rich and powerful country. Americans are justifiably angry, but they have 24-hour tar ball...

Debt: Greece vs California

Debt: Greece vs California

(Global Pulse: April 16, 2010) A question being hotly debated by bloggers: who is buried in worse debt, Greece or California? News reports lean towards Greece as the real basket case, while TV...

Muslim Fashion: Cover Me Beautiful

Muslim Fashion: Cover Me Beautiful

(Global Pulse: March 19, 2010) The dress of Muslim women worldwide walks a fine line between conservative and chic. In Chechnya and Iran, politics affect how much skin a woman can show. Pakistani...

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