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Obama Victory in the Eyes of the World

This week, Global Pulse presents a special half-hour report on how the world covered Barack Obama’s historic victory, and what they showed Obama saying about the global issues he faces. As Gaza explodes, Iran contemplates a new election and Pakistan teeters on the edge of chaos, it is worth revisiting Obama’s words on these topics.


Sure, expectations are unreasonable -- a Google search for the phrase “Obama should” turned up about 1,500,000 web pages, presumably advising the President-elect on everything from nukes to nannies. Even the New York Times caught the fever, with 10,000+ uses of “Obama should” in the last 12 months. The Reuters website features hundreds of videos advising Obama. And there is a sort of international pro-Obama clearinghouse where you can find links to all manner of Obama-maniacs and bask in Obamaphilia from over 40 countries including Nepal and Sudan. It is named, of course, The World Wants Obama.

Finally there are the love letters -- see this post from E! online.


-Evelyn Messinger, Series Producer, Global Pulse


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