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Global Sprit Premieres Dreams, Visions & Realities and Live Web Chat January 22

Is the world out of balance because we do not understand the dreaming?


When I watched the new show, Dreams, Visions and Realities I was struck by how important it is that these two worlds come together... The dream time and the waking... the inner and the outer. It seems this conversation shows how it can be done... it shows us possibility of another way of being. One connected to the other, seamlessly.

As Dr. Stephen Aizenstat says in the show, dreams are important because they connect us to our essential nature and help us to navigate towards our true direction. It is a space we need to respect for there is an intelligence at work. What if every human was navigated by their true nature? How different would our relationships, sense of belonging, and the dynamics of our world, be?


One of the reasons we created GLOBAL SPIRIT is to engage you, our community, in a lively discussion -- and through the miracles of technology, this is possible. So please participate by watching the show on January 22, 9pm ET/6pm PT on Link TV or online, and engaging in the live chat with Dr. Stephen Aizenstat to follow. It's easy! Just go here.


You can post questions in advance here below, or on Facebook. Please invite your friends. We look forward to being with you on January 22. You never know... asking the right question of a dream specialist might just change your life.


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The Mystical Experience

"What I got from the show Mystical Experience is seeing the beauty of universal diversity when wisdom, patience and respect are in the conversation." - Shahid Muhammad, chat participant quote via Facebook



Question: Does fearfulness lead to aggression and fundamentalism? Do those on the spiritual path go through a fundamentalist stage? What is the best way to address fundamentalism inside and with others? What can we learn from this new understanding about how we work with those that come from a fundamentalist perspective?


Mystical Experience Behind the Scenes


On the set of The Mystical Experience (Left to right: Stephen Olsson, Phil Cousineau, Maata Lynn Barron, Rabbi Jonathan Omer-Man, Brother David Steindl-Rast)



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Interview with Sandra Ingerman, Part 2

This is a continuation of a conversation I had with the lovely human being and great shaman Sandra Ingerman.


Interview with Sandra Ingerman, Part 2 by global_spirit


In this podcast we talk about:

How joy and love are our responsibility to the future.
How can an really listen to what the earth needs from us.
Sandra’s work with Fundamentalist Christians.
Shamanism and the the Bible.
What is the difference between Shamanism and Mysticism?
Integrating mystical experience.

Again, we would love to hear your comments here or on Facebook.
Much Gratitude.



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Interview with Sandra Ingerman

Several months ago I had a conversation with a great American Shaman, Sandra Ingerman.  It was my first interview in a long time and I have to say I am so happy it was with her… for there is an ease about her, a homeyness and deep presence that made me quite comfortable and allowed for a certain kind of flow to happen between us. I had committed to myself to make this Podcast something that was alive, in the moment and interactive... a conversation between two people trying to become fully human and I feel we really hit the mark (although I do cringe a bit when I hear my voice!!)


Listen to Part 1:

Interview with Sandra Ingerman, Part 1 by Global Spirit


There are two parts that we will be posting. In this first one which is 25 minutes long, we discuss how we as individuals can actively participate in the healing of the world. We talked specifically about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, but what Sandra says can be applied to any world event... even those that are extremely positive, like what is going on in the Middle East, and the demand for the right to govern oneself. How can we support positive things and how can we work with the positive in seemingly negative situations?  We also talked about what is being taught to us through world events and how we might listen to the symbolism, the news behind the news, and support what is being born. 

And then we moved into the idea of spiritual responsibility.  How our individual shadow and dreams contribute to the collective, and what we manifest in the world together. And then lastly, we discussed what can we do to champion what is coming alive in us and around us and how our joy and following our hearts can guide us beyond ego desires to contribute to the health of the whole.

Seems like a lot! But somehow... she made it simple and I am so grateful for her participation in this podcast and her great wisdom.

I also want to thank Adrianne Anderson, super producer, for all her input and help, for without her this would not have been made.

I hope you enjoy it and PLEASE comment... We want to hear what you know and what you want to hear more of.



UPDATE: Part 2 of the Interview with Sandra Ingerman.


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In Need of Earth Wisdom

This Sunday, June 27th, we will host a live video web chat with Brian Keane, Director of Land is Life. A man who has dedicated 20 years trying to get us to listen to the elders, to the people who have a proper relationship with the earth, with the sky, with the air and with the water. These people can help us now with this crisis in the Gulf, and they could have helped us long before....


Our response to the Gulf oil spill disaster has not been deep or complete. It has been from a place of policy and economics. We have sprung into action and forgotten to deal with the symbolic, spiritual and emotional nature of this crisis. I have seen no mainstream press organizations, the companies that caused the situation or the government communicating what it means to take FULL responsiblty for causing all this suffering.


It is easy to blame, but what is my role? Since we are not separate, I need to take responsibility for causing all this suffering. I have not spoken out enough, I have not listened properly, I have not respected our Mother, I have used resources mindlessly and I have forgotten to be thankful. But MOST importantly, I have been afraid to use my power to protect.


This crisis in the Gulf is a wake up call to me. It has awoken the "No" inside me. It has gotten me to a place where I will not rely on others to do the right thing in my home, my neighborhood, my community, my city, my country and my earth Mother. I will stick my nose in it and maybe make people angry or uncomfortable, but if I do not do this, then who?


There have been some people and organizations I think have responded fully and I thank them for it, like James O'Dea and Spirituality & Practice. They have expressed a full and appropriate response -- grief, sorrow and asking for forgiveness. Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee also is right to remind us of the importance of the symbolism of this experience.


On Sunday I plan to ask Brian how the indigenous people are responding to the Gulf oil spill. Then I am going to listen. I am going to listen with my heart and allow myself to feel the pain of my own and our collective forgetfulness. I am sorry it has taken us so long to get here. What I mean to say...is I am sorry it has taken me so long to get here.


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