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Indigenous Peoples at the United Nations

Viewer Jeanne Andrews says, "Each episode is a gift. Everyone I have recommended the series to has enjoyed it and said that they got a lot out of it. I am recommending the episode on "Earth Wisdom" to a mythology group I organize as we are visiting the State Indian Museum and exploring the wisdom and contributions of indigenous peoples in April. I am grateful that past episodes are available on-line at your web site :) Thank you."


In this clip from Earth Wisdom for a World in Crisis, a woman from Kenya says "there will be a pay back time." What wisdom can we learn from those who are deeply connected to the land?  What should we do now? What are the current environmental "shifts" trying to tell us?



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Karen Armstrong's Charter for Compassion

Karen ArmstrongLink TV has been honored to have Karen Armstrong, one of the world's most respected thinkers on religion, as a guest on our Global Spirit program "The Spiritual Quest". So when we heard about Armstrong's inspiring new project -- the Charter for Compassion -- we knew that Link had to get involved somehow.

Armstrong's wish for her TED Prize was for help to create this Charter, which officially launched on November 12, 2009. Billed as "a call to bring the world together," Armstrong's Charter aims to unite all religious and spiritual traditions under the principle of compassion, based in the ethical code of the Golden Rule: "…Treat all others as we wish to be treated ourselves."

Charter for CompassionThe names of all signatories to the Charter will be sent to world leaders on December 31, 2009, so your time is running out to add your name to a list of distinguished individuals -- including His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and author Isabel Allende -- who affirm peace and compassion as the core principle of our divided world. As our friends at YouthNoise have pointed out, the "coolest parts of this Charter is that we can all join in its message by signing, and the signature isn't only a personal pledge, but a pledge that will be sent to world leaders who have countries in conflict."

You can learn more about the Charter for Compassion by watching this video below. We also encourage you to watch Karen Armstrong on Link's "The Spiritual Quest" episode of Global Spirit here, where she gives background on the Charter at the 45:10 mark of the video.




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Behind the Scenes: Update from the Director of 'From the Heart of the World'

For all of you who have seen the Global Spirit program "From the Heart of the World," you might find interesting this recent update from the director, Alan Ereira:

"I thought you might like to know that have just returned from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, where I was suddenly summoned at the end of April.  I was called to attend a large gathering of Mamas at one of the highest sacred places - a place where I had never been, and where outsiders are not normally welcome.  There was a most remarkable speech, spoken by a very senior male Mama and echoed almost simuItaneously by four female Mamas ("Sagas").  They were, in effect, the voice of the Mother behind his words.  I was allowed to film this on a mini-HD camera.
The speech was a statement of their present situation, which they regard as critical ("as serious as the Conquest itself").  They high sacred places are being fatally damaged by soldiers and guerillas, and as a result the life-essence of the planet is failing.  In order to make what is in effect a last-ditch effort to save themselves and the world, they are undertaking a fundamental re-organisation of their way of communicating with the outside world.  They believe that it is still possible to turn things around, and intend to do that over the next four years.
I was asked to give a full description of what has taken place with the film and my assessment of it.  I was then told that it is a high priority that I should make a new film with them, to bring Younger Brother to a fuller understanding of their own vision of reality.  They have been preparing for this work for some years, and have trained their own media unit(!) to work with me.
The plan they have been discussing is quite astonishing, and I am now waiting to hear exactly how they want to proceed."

If you'd like to respond to Alan's message, please leave a comment below!


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Calling All Global Spirits

After being in production for over 3 years, Global Spirit has launched! It is showing on national television and streaming for free to a world-wide audience online.  We created this blog to accompany the series, with the hope of keeping in touch with the wonderful new people and communities to which this show is appealing.

We will approach our blog entries from two different perspectives: 1) Personal Journeys: the real, personal stories and experiences of people who are on spiritual journeys. People who are seeking truth, exploring what it means to be human, and connecting with life in a deeply personal and meaningful way; and 2) Behind-the-Scenes: a look at Global Spirit as a web & television series. We will include updates from the producers and program guests, interviews, book and film recommendations, basically anything related to this world of creating innovative programming on culture, philosophy, spirituality and science.

We hope you will help us build a unique and inspiring web community around this blog, by sending comments and impressions our way. We want to know what's interesting, insightful, curious, and exciting about the series and guests, and in your life, so that we can continue to create programs that resonate with you... 

Check back soon when we give you Behind the Scenes: Update from Alan Ereira, Director of "From the Heart of the World." In April, he went back to visit the Mamas in Columbia and has some exciting news.

Megan McFeely, Director of Outreach
Adrianne Anderson, Co-Producer


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Reconciliation and Forgiveness

I would like to introduce myself. I am Megan McFeely, the outreach director for Link TV’s Global Spirit.  I am also a fellow traveler on the path of personal exploration. I feel it is my individual responsibility to the whole of life to become who I really am…free of anxieties, fears and beliefs that are outdated – those things that keep me stuck  -- so that I can be an living example of what it means to be free (I am not there by any means just my lofty goal!)   My posts to this blog will be about my life experiences that relate directly to  the topic of discussion for each show and I would like to encourage you to engage with me by sharing your insights and experiences.

I am thinking about reconciliation and it clear to me that it is inextricably linked to forgiveness. One cannot reconcile with out forgiving. I have had several experiences of this in my life from the simple apology that comes after an argument to a long separation from a family member or friend that takes a little more effort.  What I know from this experience is that I have to take responsibility for the hurt I may have caused others. I must recognize what I have done – see where I may have been out of integrity or where I may have been wrong and own it.  AND I must come from my heart -- it has to be authentic or it has no meaning and will have no impact. To do this it seems that I must feel the pain of having wronged someone and acknowledge their pain …even feel it, or no true reconciliation can occur.  And from this place  forgiveness seems to just happen. The heart opens and you feel love for the other person.  This is my experience but I would love to hear yours. Thanks for taking this journey with me.


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