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Gershom Gorenberg: What We Talk About When We Talk About Israel


Israeli Journalist Ari Shavit: Israel on its 60th Birthday


Featured Article: Peter Beinart's "The Failure of the American Jewish Establishment" Causes a Stir in the Jewish Community

Peter Beinart"Every country manifests some kind of ideological divide. But in contemporary Israel, the gulf is among the widest on earth… In Israel itself, voices from the left, and even center, warn in increasingly urgent tones about threats to Israeli democracy… But in the United States, groups like AIPAC and the Presidents’ Conference patrol public discourse, scolding people who contradict their vision of Israel as a state in which all leaders cherish democracy and yearn for peace." - Peter Beinart in the New York Review of Books

"Peter Beinart…has not earned himself any trouble by coming out as an Israel-basher. He is someone who has rather belatedly fallen completely and predictably into line with the demands his ideological compatriots make for orthodoxy when it comes to their increasingly passionate interest in assaulting Israel and championing the Palestinian cause. In Beinart’s work, we are not witnessing an act of courage but rather a spectacle of conformity." - Noah Pollak responds to Beinart at

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See a video debate between Beinart and Eli Lake of the Washington Times at

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Visions of Coexistence: Videos from Link TV

Occupied Minds 

Occupied Minds

This documentary follows two journalists, Jamal Dajani, a Palestinian-American, and David Michaelis, an Israeli citizen, on a journey to their mutual birthplace Jerusalem to offer new solutions and insights into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Watch online now!

 To See If I Am Smiling 

To See if I Am Smiling

Israel is the only country in the world where 18-year-old girls are drafted for compulsory military service. In this award-winning documentary, hear the the frank and emotional testimonials of six female Israeli soldiers. Watch online now!

Arab Labor 

Arab Labor (Avoda Aravit)

This comedy series follows a Palestinian-Israeli family struggling to coexist with their Jewish neighbors. Created by an Israeli-born Palestinian, the show plays on religious, cultural and political differences to depict Israel's mixed society. Watch an excerpt online!

 explore: Special Episode 9 - The Middle East 

explore: Special Episode 9 - The Middle East

Join filmmaker and philanthropist Charles Annenberg Weingarten on his journey through the Middle East to witness some of the region's most controversial issues, including the checkpoints and borders of Gilo, Israel. Watch online now!

Trails from the East: Israel 

Trails from the East: Israel

Link's Trails from the East series travels to Israel by train, exploring the viewpoints of passengers on peace and war, safety and terror, and on secular and Orthodox Jews. Includes an interview with author Amos Oz. Watch online now!

 Elie Wiesel, FORAtv 

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World Music from Israel and the Jewish Diaspora: Watch Now Online!

Suzy, "Noches"Idan Raichel Project 

Chava Alberstein


 Suzy, "Noches"

Raised in Turkey, now residing in Israel, Suzy sings in Ladino, an endangered language with roots in the Jewish communities of 14th century Spain.

Idan Raichel Project,
"Im Telech"

This group combines the many cultural influences present in Israel today, including Ethiopian, Arabic, & African.

Chava Alberstein, "Pele"

Alberstein has long been considered one of Israel's finest singer/songwriters.

SoCalled, "You Are
Never Alone"

This Canadian DJ creates a musical and intellectual stew that is characteristically Jewish.


Klezmatics, "Black & White"

New York's Klezmatics are one of the first wave of klezmer music revival groups.


More World Music Videos...