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Tune in here every Friday for a weekly 30-minute analysis of news and public affairs in Latin America, brought to you via podcast in cooperation with American University School of Communication and Link TV.


For four years Link TV produced a video series that provided in-depth analysis of issues in Latin America. Although that video series is now on hiatus, this podcast of the same name is produced in the spirit of that original program.

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(April 18, 2014) Death and resurrection are the twin themes this week on Latin Pulse.  The theme of resurrection is provided just ahead of the Easter season through an examination of the explosive growth of evangelical Protestantism in Brazil, Central America and other parts of Latin America.  News of the death of Nobel-prize winning author Gabriel Garcia Marquez has cast the region into mourning for this important writer.  The program reflects on the life and legacy of Garcia Marquez and discusses how he made magical realism a key form in literature.


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Watch archived video episodes of Latin Pulse, a half-hour news magazine examining Latin American issues relevant to the American public, as presented by newscasts and reports from different Latin American countries. Latin Pulse fills the journalistic vacuum of Latin American news for English speakers, with programs featuring critical current affairs coverage of the region, including exclusive interviews, news, and cultural content.


Latin Pulse is supported by grants from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the Chicago Tribune Foundation, and viewers like you.

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Colombia: Free and Fair Elections?
Colombia: Free and Fair Elections?

Colombia: Free and Fair Elections?

(Latin Pulse: May 28, 2010) Colombia's 2010 presidential elections, taking place on May 30th, are a watershed moment. This film short presents a mosaic of viewpoints on whether conditions for equitable and coercion-free elections exist in Colombia. These voices include a state governor, a mayor of a large city, a presidential candidate, neighborhood youth, a protected witness, and the President of the National Electoral Commission.

In February, 2010, an international pre-electoral observations mission, organized by the non-governmental organization Global Exchange and hosted by the Colombian Electoral Observation Mission (MOE), worked to collect and analyze the perspectives of civil society organizations, political parties, government and administrative functionaries, and concerned citizens prior to Colombia's March 14 Congressional elections. Visit this webpage to see a full report of findings from that investigation.

Produced by Rob Davenport / CounterCamera Films, in association with Global Exchange. Marlene Velasco-Begue is the executive producer for Global Exchange media covering the Colombian elections.

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