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Guyana Youth

Guyana: UNFPA's Campaign Against HIV/AIDS

HIV is the primary cause of death among youth in Guyana. Watch young people take charge to educate their peers of the risks they face.

Renewable Energy in the 21st Century

Renewable Energy in the 21st Century

A documentary about renewable energy and other alternatives to fossil fuels, as told by a group of passionate kids calling for adults to take action.

Youth Vote Behind Mousavi

The Passionate Youth Vote Behind Mousavi

In this FORA TV program learn about Iran and the role of its people in influencing the country's politics.

On Skid Row - Kids

On Skid Row - Kids

In this episode of GOOD Magazine's new series, teenaged filmmaker Franklin Arburtha examines the disenfranchised youth on Skid Row.

Game for Life

A Game for Life

A grassroot Soccer project coordinator uses soccer to educate South African youth about HIV/AIDS prevention.

Help for Kids on Mexico City's Streets

Help for Young People Living on Mexico City's Streets Surviving on the streets of the world's largest city as a young person is a daily struggle providing little comfort to those without a home.

Videos from Other Sources


Our Schools. Our Stories.

This video summarizes the more than 750 stories collected from young people as part of the YouthNoise 2008 Right To Learn campaign. Learn more at:


Weapons of Mass Creation

Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai is a spoken word artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Watch her vision for the world. Learn more at:



Redford Center: The Art of Activism

Mark Decena paints moving portraits of local activist heroes making a difference.

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ISSUE: Millennials

Millenials are now the largest generation in America, at over 95 million strong. Also known as Generation Y, or the "We" Generation, this group was born in the digital era where Twitter and Facebook are integrated into everyday life. Not only are the Millennials digitally and technically saavy, they are highly diverse, politically progressive in their ideals, and creatively changing the way we see challenges in our world.


In our most recent survey, it was found that the majority of Link Media consumers fall within this cohort of people. Browse this page for Millennial-focused campaigns, partnerships, and content. Explore the world -- and leverage the power -- of this extraordinary generation!




(Learn about Link's new partnership with and the YouthNoise legacy...)

Featured Campaign:

Revolution HungerRevolution Hunger is a campaign that harnesses the power of teens to make a lifelong commitment to take on the problems of hunger and malnutrition around the world. We know that we can each help fight hunger, in our own unique way. Link Media has partnered with Revolution Hunger to help build increased awareness and impact, while working with a team of young leaders who are launching the campaign in their communities. Are you a teen? Or a parent/relative of a teen? Check out the website to get involved.


Featured Partner: empowers and invests in Millennials to create and implement solutions to social problems. believes that in order to create long-term, sustainable and community based solutions to the challenges facing our generation, Millennials (young adults born between the years 1976 and 1996) must authentically engage their peers in identifying problems, proposing solutions, and most importantly, must work together to implement these solutions on their campuses and in their communities.


Mobilize GuidebookTake Action with Mobilize:


Learn more from these organizations who are working to promote youth leadership and development around the world.

Focus the Nation

Campus Progress
America Scores
Institute for Global Leadership
Save the Children

Youth Speaks


National Congress of American Indians


Give Now Banner

National Network for Youth
Parsons The New School for Design
Genocide Intervention Network (STAND)
Media that Matters

Americas Promise Alliance

Youth Movement Records

Girl Up