Mosaic: World News from the Middle East
Mosaic News - 11/05/12: World News from the Middle East [VIDEO]

Mosaic News - 11/05/12: World News from the Middle East [VIDEO]

Myanmar's Suu Kyi under fire for ignoring violence against the Rohingyas as thousands lack medical care, two foreign workers killed by bombings in Bahrain's capital, Arabs disillusioned with Obama express indifference to the US presidential election, and more.

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The Peabody Award-winning daily compilation of television news reports from the Middle East including, Egypt, Lebanon, Israel, Syria, the Palestinian Authority, Iraq and Iran. Learn more about Mosaic

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In Memory of Alice Nashashibi

Our dear friend and supporter Alice Nashashibi recently passed away. We are so sad for the loss of Alice, an activist and a wonderful person who wanted to affect positive change in the world. She was an inspiring woman and leader and we will never forget her contributions to telling the stories of the voiceless. Alice will remain forever in our hearts, and we are so grateful that we could be a part of her amazing life.


Please see the clip below with Alice telling more about her commitment to independent media and her 80th Birthday:


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