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The U.S.-sponsored Iraqi television station Al Iraqiyah began broadcasting in May 2003 and started satellite broadcasting in October of the same year. In January 2004, the U.S. Defense Department awarded Florida-based Harris Corporation a 12-month contract to manage the Iraqi Media Network, including Al Iraqiyah, and provide the physical infrastructure needed for the expansion of the network. The Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (LBC) is working in partnership with Harris to provide training and programming.


Although Al Iraqiyah has seen a steady improvement in the quality of its programming since early 2004, the network still offers few hours of original content, with the majority of its programming consisting of recycled programming and shows purchased from other Arab states. Among the original shows are a daily news hour and a weekly 15-minute show entitled Steps, which presents interviews with political figures discussing plans for the transition of sovereignty and the future of Iraq.


Al Iraqiyah is now seen throughout much of Iraq and the Middle East. It is reportedly watched by a majority of TV viewers in Iraq, despite skepticism about its objectivity due to it close ties with the U.S.





Al-Baghdadiyah is an Iraqi satellite channel that began official transmission on September 12th2005. Since October 2005, the channel has been observed to change some of its programming in addition to its website recently becoming operational.


The website identifies the channel by saying: "In the overcrowded landscape of trans-national broadcasting satellites, we are not trying to be just another channel to appear, though at the same time we do not claim to be distinguished as much as we aim for clarity. Though media today is supposed to play among others an educational role, a rather negative influence on the opinion and aesthetical taste of the viewers can be found. Iraq today is suffering from destruction, environmental pollution and a serious dilemma at the cultural, political and economic levels. We, Al-Baghdadiyah Channel, will do all we can to contribute to the improvement of our reality as Iraqis and to do our utmost to turn the people's sorrow into confidence that the future will betheirs. In this sense Al-Baghdadiyah will build up its course in broadcasting. Our belief in the Iraqis' ability to recover from their suffering is the motivation behind the establishment of this TV channel. We want Al-Baghdadiyahto act as an access for Iraqis to the world and vice versa."


In addition the channel aims at: Educating tolerance, helping to re-establish a healthy Iraqi society and environment, emphasizing the Iraqi identity through the cultural and social heritage, helping to improve and modernize Iraqi society besides respecting spiritual and social values, staying up to date with scientific developments worldwide, and improving the aesthetical values of broadcasting.



Al Fayhaa Independent Satellite TV is a political, social and cultural channel based in the U.A.E. that delves into Iraqi issues and questions, centering on assisting Iraqis in achieving democracy, while giving them a pedestal to express their ideas and aspirations.

Al Fayhaa TV focuses on freedom of speech for all Iraqis, carrying their aspirations and dreams with the aim of building an ever-lasting bond between all Iraqis at home and abroad.

The Channel provides documentary programs, covering different segments like news bulletins, press reviews, magazine shows, and research and retain creative elements. The Journalist team focuses on the rich history, culture and the diversity of Iraq, also the difficulties that have faced them throughout history, believing in the Iraqis' mutual history of survival, unity, and unity in facing the bright future.


alfayhaa stillAl Fayhaa satellite TV have a transmission broadcast daily which reaches and attracts the majority of international orients all over the world.

Note: Although this channel is aimed at Iraqi issues, it airs out of Dubai.


Tel: 00971 600 1664


alrafedin stilllogo





logo"The Eastern One " is Iraq's first privately owned satellite channel owned by the London-based Iraqi media tycoon Saad Bazzaz, a former head of radio and television under the Saddam Hussein regime until he defected in 1992. The station was launched in March 2004 and began regular transmission on May 4th 2004.

Al Sharqiya has been gaining a growing audience with its mixture of popular current affairs, satire and comedy shows poking fun at the new Iraq.  It is the satellite channel with the second greatest reach in Iraq, according to a June 2006 Ipsos-Stat poll, with 40 percent reach.

Sharqiya's director says his current staff of 100 hopes to capture a wide audience by using political comedy and the kind of impartial news coverage unheard of during decades of rule by ousted dictator Saddam Hussein.

alsharqiya stillOn January 1st 2007, the Iraqi government ordered the station closed on grounds of inciting sectarianism as in the days after December 30th 2006 execution of Saddam Hussein, one of its well-known news readers was wearing black mourning clothes. As Al-Sharqiya broadcasts from Dubai, it is unclear what effect this order will have.





An independent Iraqi Satellite TV Network that transmits on Nilesat from its temporary offices in Lebanon, Alsumaria was established by a group of professional businessmen in 2004. It includes a solid staff of 300 employees in Iraq and 150 in Lebanon. In a span of two years, Alsumaria has managed to become one of the most dynamic and watched TV stations in Iraq.

The station airs a variety of series including children’s programs, featured films, sports magazines, outstanding educational documentaries and other entertaining programs consisting of the latest video clips, featuring the icon pop stars in the Arab world.  As for the sport section, Alsumaria has acquired exclusive rights for football matches of the Asian Cup.

al sumariya stillAl Sumraiya concluded an agreement with Jump TV to distribute the Alsumaria signal via home computers, laptops, and internet enabled televisions. Around the clock programs are broadcast to reach thousands of Iraqis and Arabs around the world.

Iraq’s Office
Tel: +964 1 7170843
Cell: +964 7901 123123
Fax: +964 1 3120719

Lebanon’s Office
Tel: 961 4 533344
Fax: 961 4 533344


Al-Zawraa TV is an Iraqi satellite television channel, known for airing video footage of insurgent attacks on U.S.- led coalition forces.

The station is owned by Mish'an al-Juburi, leader of the Sunni Arab Front for Reconciliation and Liberation. He was stripped of his parliamentary immunity in October 2006 after being accused of embezzlement. In November 2006, the channel was ordered closed "for inciting violence and murder."


The station re-opened in late November 2006, transmitting looped programming on the Nilesat satellite. The station's headquarters are said to be in Syria after the closure of its offices in Iraq, but the playout of the programming is maintained by Nilesat.  The station is accused of having close links to militant groups in Iraq, and much of its programming consists of pro-Sunni, anti-Shi'a propaganda, containing footage of attacks on U.S.- led coalition forces, and on-screen announcements by presenters wearing olive green Ba'ath party combat fatigues. Logos of the Islamic Army in Iraq and the Mujahideen Shura Council of Al-Qa'idah in Iraq have been noted in footage of attacks.

The station shows a combination of religious footage and violent actions against U.S. soldiers 24/7 and encourages people to "Jihad" against Americans.  The programs are in Arabic, yet English subtitles are available most of the time.  The channel continues to broadcast via Arabsat.



logoBaghdad TV stillBaghdad TV is a cultural, social, political, and diverse channel which focuses on the Iraqi Issue. The aim is to inspire the public with optimism and hope, through pursuing a positive approach to its programming.

Baghdad TV seeks wise solutions for major problems such as wide spread violence, ethnic differences, extremist threats, and other sensitive issues. The channel strives to ensure the unification of the country on an Arab and Islamic basis, with toleration of the other groups that compose the Iraqi population, through constant reminding of the strong ties between different groups, the common history and background. The approach is to adopt a moderate Islamic concept through a modern and unbiased angle.

Baghdad TV encourages effective contribution in building the country, and bringing abstract theoretical agendas into real life application. All in all, the broadcasts concentrate on all life aspects related to the people, and the focus is on important issues such as women, children, and the youth. The big idea is to create a comprehensive political vision for Iraqi citizens based on national, historical and religious roots.








Total Area:
 437,072 sq km
 slightly more than twice the size of Idaho
Government Type:
 Became a parliamentary democracy after the 2003 defeat of Saddam Hussein’s regime by the US-Lead Coalition.

New Iraqi Dinar (NID) as of

22 January 2004

 Muslim 97%
    Shi'a Muslim 60%-65%
    Sunni Muslim 32%-37%
 Christian or other 3%
Kurdish(official in Kurdish regions)
Legal System:
 Based on European civil and Islamic law under the framework outlined in the Iraqi Constitution.
 Formerly 18 years of age; universal.