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Launched in February 1993, the Jordan satellite TV channel transmits on average 20 hours per day, of which 80% of its programs are local. Jordan TV reaches all the Arab countries, the southern parts of Europe, Turkey, West Iran, North America and several countries in Northern Africa. Jordan Television, directed by Mr. Abdul-Halim Arabiat, is the national broadcaster in Jordan and is the country's only broadcaster. Jordan TV is a public service broadcaster partially funded by license fees but mostly through commercial revenue.



All news bulletins and most all programs are in-house productions. Some entertainment programs are commissioned from local independent production houses while the remainder is purchased from regional broadcasters and productions companies. The channel covers local and international news with a daily summary at 19:30 (Jordan local time) and the main news at 22:00 (Jordan local time). Jordan TV presents an array of predominantly Arabic-language programming, including news reports, family entertainment, documentaries, cultural and educational programs and sporting events. A variety of feature films are also broadcast in English and news bulletins in English and French.

Some of their local programs include:
"Yawm Jadeed" (Morning Show), broadcast live Sat.-Thurs. at 07:00. It aims to increase public awareness about social issues, health and religion.

"Yis'id Sabahak" (Friday Morning Show), a live program that featuring various local events across the Kingdom. It also spotlights local talents, artists, and national occasions and accomplishments.

"Is'alu Ahl al Thikir" (Religious Talk Show) is a program that concentrates on Islam and social affairs from an Islamic perspective. It further offers guidance and advice to caller.

Jordan TV
P.O. Box 1041
Amman, Jordan
Telephone: +962-6 477-7405
Fax: +962-6 477-8578





Total Area:
 92,300 sq km
 slightly smaller than Indiana
Government Type:
 Constitutional monarchy
 Jordanian dinar (JOD)
 Sunni Muslim 92%
 Christian 6% (majority Greek Orthodox, but some Greek and Roman Catholics, Syrian Orthodox, Coptic Orthodox, Armenian Orthodox, and Protestant denominations)
 other 2%
 Arabic (official)
 English widely understood among upper and middle classes
Legal System:
 Based on Islamic law and French codes; judicial review of legislative acts in a specially provided High Tribunal
 20 years of age; universal