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2M Television Network


2M-TV, the second Moroccan television station, started its operations on March 4, 1989 as a privately owned cable channel, with a few hours of daily free public broadcasting. Established by the largest Moroccan economic conglomerate Omnium Nord-africain, 2M challenged taboos by debating controversial issues and established a reputation for itself as a symbol of freedom of speech in Morocco. Currently, 2M reaches 70% of the Moroccan population and employs approximately 500 people.


The government owns all television stations in Morocco. 2M was the only privately-owned station in the country until 1996, when facing bankruptcy, SOREAD, the major shareholder of the station, sold 68% of its shares to the Moroccan government. The government then took over the management of the station as part of the Moroccan Broadcasting Network, which broadcasts in several languages including Arabic, French, Spanish, English, and three Berber dialects. Now that 2M is mostly owned by the government, there are those who argue that the station does not have the same freedom it once enjoyed.


As part of its privatization efforts, the Moroccan government says that it plans to return 2M to the private sector in the future.

km 7 300 Route de Rabat Ain Sebaâ
Casablanca, Morocco 05
Telephone: +212 (0)2 35 44 44
Fax: +212 (0)2 34 33 90





Total Area:
 446,550 sq km
 slightly larger than California
Government Type:
 Constitutional monarchy
 Moroccan dirham (MAD)
 Sunni Muslim 98.7%
 Christian 1.1%
 Jewish 0.2%
 Arabic (official)
 Berber dialects
Legal System:
 Based on Islamic law and French and Spanish civil law system
 18 years of age; universal