Mosaic: World News from the Middle East
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The following sites either support Mosaic or provide important news from the Middle East:


Ur Shalim - A Lebanese blog with the tagline “A matter of opinion. From Lebanon. No Borders.”

Truth Out - Website committed to “making available a broad range of political news and editorial analysis.”

The Nation - The progressive, critical, nationally distributed US magazine.

The Huffington Post - News and opinion from a variety of columnists and Arianna Huffington.

The Angry Arab - A blog and “a source on politics, war, the Middle East, Arabic poetry, and art.”

Seige of Lebanon - A blog with information from sources on the ground in Lebanon.

New America Media - Breaking news and opinion from publications around the world.

Mother Jones Magazine - An independent nonprofit with a commitment to social justice through journalism.

Democracy Now! - Amy Goodman’s daily radio and TV program.

Daily Kos - A very popular online political community.

Dahr Jamail's weblog - Dahr Jamail’s personal log, with commentary from the Middle East.

Counter Punch - An independent political newsletter.

Common Dreams - “Breaking news and views for the progressive community."

AlterNet - An award-winning independent news magazine and online community.

Truthdig! - An award-winning web magazine that provides insightful reporting on current subjects. - The first international online Muslim community.

Amin - Constructive debate on issues of concern to the Palestinian public and international community.

Muslim Bridges - A blog and informational website on Islam and peace.

Jamal Dajani - The website of Mosaic producer and MIR host Jamal Dajani.

Al Jazeera English - A Middle Eastern news network based in Qatar.

Muslim Channels - A source for online Muslim video programs.


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