Rappers, Divas, Virtuosos: New Music From the Muslim World

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Rappers, Divas and Virtuosos: New Music From the Muslim World


Modernity meets tradition in this unique Link TV series, a collection of short films highlighting some of the most dynamic cultural innovators in the Muslim world today -- vibrant musicians from Iran, Western Sahara, Bangladesh, and Morocco.

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About the Series

Islam is the majority faith in 47 countries, with almost as many different cultures. This series presents spirited musicians from Iran, Western Sahara, Bangladesh, and Morocco who, whether singing, rapping or playing their instrument, bring an extraordinary voice to their art. Each artist, in his or her own unique way, breaks through tradition and stereotypes of conformity, using music as a tool for justice and peace.

Featured Artists

Kayhan Kalhor: Songs of Hope

Mariem Hassan: Voice of the Saharawis

Kayhan Kalhor

Kayhan plays the kamancheh, or Persian spike fiddle. In a unique position, he represents both tradition and innovation in Iran.
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Mariem Hassan

For the last 13 years Mariem Hassan’s heartfelt, piercing voice has been the musical ambassador of the Western Saharan people.
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Anusheh: The Secret Words

H-Kayne: Hip-Hop Moroccan Style 


Anusheh is a fiery, outspoken Bangladeshi singer-songwriter who has pioneered the fusion of traditional rural songs with rock music.
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Hip-hop has only taken hold in Morocco the last six years, and it is largely thanks to H-Kayne, a group of four young men who grew up listening to Biggie and Tupac.
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Airdates on Link TV
Timezone: P M C E 
Wednesday, September 3rd 
02:00 am 
Saturday, September 13th 
04:00 am 
Sunday, September 21st 
01:00 am 
Wednesday, September 24th 
12:00 am 
Series Credits

Series Devised by Steven Lawrence & Michal Shapiro
Series Producer: Steven Lawrence
Coordinating Producer: Maria Luisa Gambale
Associate Producer: Michal Shapiro
Series Executive: Jennifer Kirby

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