One Nation Film Contest

Masroor Malik

Masroor Malik is an actor and a filmmaker (director, producer, and writer) who is trying to FACILITATE A BETTER UNDERSTANDING , PEACE, AND HARMONY BETWEEN ALL -- political, cultural, religious, and ethnic groups, as well as nations -- and tries his best to eliminate all forms of domestic and global injustice, inequity, racism, economic disparity, poverty, disease, hunger, violence, mass killing, genocide, and war, THROUGH FILM. Since this is a difficult goal for any one person to achieve -- YET IT BENEFITS US ALL -- HE NEEDS YOU ALL TO JOIN IN.
Los Angeles, CA

Films by this Filmmaker

Think Again!
60-Second Spot | 01:08
A young Arab-American Muslim actor, Samir, makes a tough decision, after repeatedly enduring the quintessential dilemma of every Arab looking actor in Hollywood: A negatively stereo-typical representation of Arabs/Muslims in film.
We, the People
The American Muslim Life | 05:02
On the morning of September 11, 2001, a Pakistani-American student, Rumi, encounters a racist Gulf War veteran cab driver, who throws Rumi out of his cab. Two years later, Rumi runs into him again, under a completely different set of circumstances.