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One Nation Film Contest

End Slate: Required *

This is the mandatory End Slate that needs to be at the end of every video submission for the contest. Don’t worry, it doesn’t count as part of your total running time! 

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720x480 Quicktime file. 


Free music to use in your video. We’ve already secured permission for you, so go ahead and use what you want. But limit your usage to entries for this contest only and for no other purpose. And if you publicize your video to voters and friends and family, it would be nice to mention the musicians whose work you used.  

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Ed Bogas 


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Ibrahim al Ansari 


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Music by Victor Spiegel (Ibrahim al Ansari)
For more information:


Includes the tracks "Dianadrums", "Hajj", "Layla", "Lina", "Ottoman 1", "Sahira's Theme", "Salaam", "Secco Secreto2", "Sema 03", "Slazzen Fline", "Snakeyes", "Sophia", "Stars", "The Boat" and "Yuzun Nuru" 

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For more information:
If you use Kiosk music, you must credit them onscreen in your film submission.

Release Forms

These are: Location Release, Personal Appearance Release, Photos/Images Release, and Music Release.  All finalists will be asked to provide their Release Forms to Link TV.  Forms are in a PDF format.

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Spread the word! Download this poster to print fliers for media centers, campuses and anywhere else that might be interested in this contest.


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Contains 8" x 10.5" PDF format poster


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Contains 8" x 10.5" PDF format poster