Al Jazeera English - Witness: The Silver Fez

Al Jazeera English - Witness: The Silver Fez

In this Al Jazeera English Witness special, a David and Goliath battle between Kaatjie Davids and Hadji Bucks gets personal when the two Cape Town singers compete for the coveted Silver Fez trophy.
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Al Jazeera English - Witness: The Silver Fez
Category: Documentaries


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In the poverty-ridden Cape flats slum area just outside of Cape Town, 50 Malay choirs are practicing for battle in the annual Silver Fez singing competition.

Turning aside from the drugs and crime so rampant in the area, the members of each choir must combine military-like discipline with harmonic song in order to stand a chance of winning the coveted Silver Fez.



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Al Jazeera English - Witness: The Silver Fez
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