Al Jazeera English World News - Promo

Al Jazeera English World News - Promo

Link TV's new Global News Hour begins with Al Jazeera English World News - independent news for a global audience that offers perspectives from under-reported regions. Then stay tuned for Mosaic at its regular time after the broadcast!

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Al Jazeera English World News


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Al Jazeera English is broadcast from four strategic centers: Doha, Qatar; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; London, England and Washington, DC. Additionally, the Al Jazeera Network maintains more than 70 bureaus across the world. Unlike other international channels, the Al Jazeera English broadcast shifts as the world turns, providing the most comprehensive and contextual news coverage. Al Jazeera English’s mission is to provide independent, impartial news for a global audience and to offer a voice to a diversity of perspectives from under-reported regions.



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HuffPost Live on Al Jazeera's Current TV buy and hiring boom (with mention of the KCETLink merger!):
January 24, 2013

Al Jazeera English World News