Barack Obama - Great Expectations

Barack Obama - Great Expectations

Walk the halls of the White House in this documentary on President Obama's first term. Exclusive footage and interviews take you behind the scenes, capturing the man behind the office and the political opposition that's forced him to rein in his ambitions for change.

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Barack Obama - Great Expectations
Category: Documentaries
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Timezone: P M C E 
Tuesday, September 9th 
12:00 pm 
Wednesday, September 10th 
09:15 pm 

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Barack Obama: Great Expectations is a well-documented assessment of Barack Obama's first term that tells the epic tale of the President's White House battles.

Since taking office, Obama has had to confront economic crisis as well as an opposition determined to discredit him and destroy his agenda. Obama has been forced to adapt his governing style, and to rein in his ambitions for change. These four years crystallize the very nature of the political machine that is representative democracy. What happens when the best speeches and intentions meet the unforgiving reality of economic recession and relentless political opposition?

Go behind the scenes of these battles through interviews with Obama's main advisors and leading political analysts led by James Traub, political journalist for the New York Times Magazine.

Exclusive footage of the Obama administration from NBC's News Archives allows us to walk the halls of the White House with the US President, capturing the man, his solitude under pressure, and his ease at combat.

Barack Obama - Great Expectations
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