Borgen - Episode 1: "Decency in the Middle" (Clip)

Borgen - Episode 1: "Decency in the Middle" (Clip)

In this clip from Episode 1 of Borgen Season 1, Birgitte Nyborg is conflicted after receiving confidential information that could guarantee her election as Prime Minister. Will she compromise her morals?

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Borgen - Episode 1: "Decency in the Middle"
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EPISODE 1 - "Decency in the Middle"

The final countdown toward election day is full of surprises on multiple fronts as Denmark prepares for parliamentary elections. Birgitte Nyborg, facing her first election as party leader, decides at the last minute to head in her own direction - the question is: Will voters reward or punish her for this change of course? Likewise, Birgitte's press advisor Kasper Juul and TV-journalist Katrine Fønsmark are each in their own way thrown off track in this super-professional, super-competitive race.

About Borgen

Political power cannot be won without sacrifice. Birgitte Nyborg wins a landslide victory for her party, but how far is she willing to go to gain influence? Can she succeed professionally, continue to lead a happy family life, and stay true to herself? Watch Season 1 of Borgen (Government), an award-winning Danish drama series about the fight for political power and the personal consequences for everyone involved.

Borgen - Episode 1: "Decency in the Middle"
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