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Borgen - Episode 5: "Men Who Love Women" (Clip)

Borgen - Episode 5: "Men Who Love Women" (Clip)

In this clip from Episode 5 of Borgen, Season 1, Kasper's crush on a female colleague leads to a heated exchange upon her discovery that he's been hiding something.

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Borgen - Episode 5: "Men Who Love Women"
Regions: Europe


Timezone: P M C E 
Monday, August 18th 
10:00 pm 

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EPISODE 5 - "Men Who Love Women"

Birgitte puts forth a proposal for gender quotas on Danish companies' boards of directors. The proposal meets resistance both in and out of government -- and the country's most powerful businessman gives Birgitte an ultimatum that could have serious consequences. Meanwhile, Katrine turns down an offer of help to take better care of herself, and Kasper gets into a muddle with the ladies.

About Borgen

Political power cannot be won without sacrifice. Birgitte Nyborg wins a landslide victory for her party, but how far is she willing to go to gain influence? Can she succeed professionally, continue to lead a happy family life, and stay true to herself? Watch Season 1 of Borgen (Government), an award-winning Danish drama series about the fight for political power and the personal consequences for everyone involved.

Borgen - Episode 5: "Men Who Love Women"
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