Chahinaz: What Rights For Women?

Chahinaz: What Rights For Women?

A vibrant Algerian student, Chahinaz doesn’t understand why women aren’t considered equal to men according to the laws of her country. This leads her on a quest to find out what life is like for other women around the world.
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Chahinaz: What Rights For Women?
Category: Documentaries


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Chahinaz is a young Algerian woman who dreams of freedom and cannot understand why her life is being dictated to her. A student in Constantine, this young, sparkling woman loves her country, but is suffocated by the weight of tradition and religion.

Like the student she is, Chahinaz finds herself asking some very important questions: How can you change society in a country where the law officially sanctions inequality between men and women? How can women’s rights be improved, globally? In order to find answers to these questions, the makers of Chahinaz: What Rights for Women? travel to Algeria and across several continents, comparing Chahinaz’s situation with that of other women, and informing those who have the power to change what Chahinaz does not accept.


This program is part of a multimedia series called madmundo, which engages journalists and citizens to pursue answers on global issues.


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Chahinaz: What Rights For Women?
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