International Dateline: Indonesian Sex Trade
International Dateline: Indonesian Sex Trade


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This International Dateline episode includes two segments: Inside Indonesia's Sex Trade and Hassan Janabi Interview.

Inside Indonesia's Sex Trade

Thousands of young women in Indonesia are being forced to endure appalling treatment as a result of human trafficking and sexual slavery. Dateline reporter Olivia Rousset goes undercover into brothels on the Indonesian island of Batam. What Dateline found was a rare and confronting expose of young teenage girls - children - lured into a life of prostitution.


Hassan Janabi Interview


Two years ago, Hassan Janabi, a water engineer from Sydney, returned to his homeland after 25 years in exile to take on a senior role in rebuilding Iraq's water system. As Hassan began his work, juggling the perils of the job itself, the demands of his American bosses and the needs of the Iraqi people, this program documented his personal impossible mission.  Dateline's George Negus interviews Hassan who is back at home in Australia to learn more about his life and work in a country under siege.



To help 'Lina' and 'Diana', or other children who have been rescued from brothels in Batam, contact PRAI (Friends of the Children of Indonesia) at

To donate money to organizations that work against human trafficking in this region, please visit: and NIFEM Singapore



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International Dateline: Indonesian Sex Trade
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