In Focus: Bodo Rasch - Allah's Architect
In Focus: Bodo Rasch - Allah's Architect
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A special Deutsche Welle report on German architect Bodo Rasch, who has been designing Islamic architecture in Saudi Arabia since 1997. His projects include the remodeling of the Prophet's Mosque in Medina and a vast tent city of nonflammable material to house the two million pilgrims who come to Mecca every year for the Hadj. Rasch, himself a Muslim, borrows his designs from nature to render the Arab-Islamic culture into artchitecture. Documentarian Mouhcine al Ghomri observed a year in Rasch's life to profile this wanderer between two cultures and two worlds.



For a look at Rasch's work on the courtyard of the Prophet's Mosque, click here.




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In Focus: Bodo Rasch - Allah's Architect
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