Special: The End of Oil - Part 2
Special: The End of Oil - Part 2
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The End of Oil - Part 2 is the second half of a special four-hour programming block exposing the facts and quickly approaching consequences of our dwindling world oil supply.


When originally aired, this special featured Link TV’s original program Outside the Box with Peter Coyote: Beyond Big Oil and the controversial BBC documentary Global Warming: Bush’s Climate of Fear, and was hosted and debated throughout by renowned environmental reporter Mark Hertsgaard, actor/writer Peter Coyote, author Antonia Juhasz ("The Bush Agenda: Invading the World, One Economy at a Time") and James Wood, director of Crude Impact.


You can read about Part One of this special by clicking here.


Outside the Box: Beyond Big Oil
Link TV’s original program Outside the Box with Peter Coyote: Beyond Big Oil explores the political, economic, health and environmental implications of living in an oil-centric society.  The program also investigates the viability of alternative technologies such as bio-diesel and vegetable oil.

Beyond Big Oil offers viewers a rare, ride-along conversation with singer and songwriter Willie Nelson, founder of a new bio-diesel fuel company, The Willie Nelson Biodiesel Company, on his eco-friendly concert tour bus. Coyote also visits a Hummer dealership, rides along with a young woman gathering vegetable oil from a local restaurant to power her diesel car and meets a spokesman from an African-American community in Richmond, California, that lives under the constant threat of toxic effluence from a huge oil refinery.


Global Warming: Bush's Climate of Fear
In this incendiary program , the BBC’s Hilary Andersson reports on claims from a U.S. government whistleblower that scientific findings about global warming have been systematically changed and suppressed. Some scientists are afraid that what they see as a cover up will leave it too late for the U.S. to have any hope of controlling climate changes brought about by global warming. Visit the BBC for more information.


Learn how to get Carbon Neutral in three easy steps here.
Join a petition urging the U.S. Congress to support meaningful global warming legislation here.
Support the proposal to list polar bears as threatened here.
For list of places to contribute and take action on these issues, visit Crude Impact's website and their Make an Impact section.

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Special: The End of Oil - Part 2
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