Indian School: Girl talk

Indian School: Girl talk

In this episode, the popular girl at Kalmadi senior college has to spend to her 17th birthday grounded instead out out celebrating.
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Indian School: Girl Talk
Category: Documentaries
Regions: Asia


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Komal is one of the most popular students in Kalmadi senior college. She doesn’t study particularly hard and loves to socialize - to the annoyance of her authoritarian older brother, Nickil. After a recent argument she’s been grounded, so she’s going to have to celebrate her seventeenth birthday at home with her family rather than out on the town with her friends.

Meanwhile, as the only unmarried staff member at Kalmadi High School, school counselor Sonal is beginning to feel the pressure to opt for an arranged marriage. She’s been trying to find a husband for what seems like ages. Now she resorts to marriage websites in a bid to track down “a suitable boy”. However, it’s less embarrassing, perhaps, than the new sex education classes she has to run at school.


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About Indian School:


Indian School is a fast-paced, observational documentary series that follows a remarkable year in one of the world’s fastest growing cities - Pune near Mumbai. Two of Pune’s schools take us into the world of India’s ‘rising generation’. The series gets inside the skin of India’s middle classes, exploring their dreams and anxieties in a world that seems to be changing every day.

Indian School focuses on the lives of pupils and teachers in two very different private schools:

Kalmadi Shamrao High School concentrates on academic results and core moral values.

Rewachand Bhojwani Academy is a liberal institution, with an unorthodox curriculum and a place for meditation.

Indian School: Girl Talk
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