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NEWSLINE, NHK's top-rated flagship news program, delivers 30-minute daily reports on the current affairs of Japan and Asia. This program also presents global weather forecasts and business news.

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Regions: Asia


Timezone: P M C E 
Thursday, July 31st 
05:00 am 
Friday, August 1st 
05:00 am 
Monday, August 4th 
05:00 am 
Tuesday, August 5th 
05:00 am 
Wednesday, August 6th 
05:00 am 
Thursday, August 7th 
05:00 am 
Friday, August 8th 
05:00 am 

NEWSLINE, NHK World's top-rated flagship news program, delivers headlines and detailed analysis of up to the minute news from Japan and Asia. This daily, 30-minute program also presents global weather forecasts and in-depth coverage of the global economy and business news.



About NHK World

NHK WorldNHK World is the international service provided by Japan's only public broadcasting network, NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation).

In addition to the 54 broadcast stations located all over Japan, NHK's global network includes bureaus and stations in 231 of the world's major cities, with correspondents covering the news day and night. Making the best use of this extensive network, NHK World provides domestic and international news promptly to the world as well as up to the minute information on asia from various perspectives. It also presents broadcasts with great accuracy on many aspects of Japanese culture and lifestyles. And, in the event of major accidents and natural disasters, NHK World serves as an information lifeline.




"While the global media, including CNN and BBC, was slow getting up to speed on Japan's biggest natural disaster in decades, NHK was not only broadcasting live from its Shibuya studio moments after the 9.0 magnitude quake hit (and the studio itself was still shaking), but also issuing tsunami warnings well before the big waves struck...Technically, NHK's quake and tsunami coverage is unmatched." - Mark Schilling, VARIETY, April 2011


"Public broadcaster NHK...has bolstered its reputation as the most reliable source of news at a time of national crisis...NHK World...has boosted its standing, particularly among foreign residents of Japan, through its rolling coverage of the disasters. The network - which was previously available only outside Japan - has been expanding its domestic delivery on cable TV since the crisis began to unfold and is now available in English on 114 local cable providers." - Gavin Blair, HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, April 8, 2011



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