Special: How to Survive 2009 - Robert Reich

Special: How to Survive 2009 - Robert Reich

Our economy is in bad shape - and it seems like every day brings more and more bad news. This talk by economist Robert Reich cuts through the media's hyperbole to give us a realistic economic forecast for 2009 and beyond.
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Special: How to Survive 2009 - Robert Reich
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It’s no secret that the economy is in bad shape – and our current recession may even end up as a full-blown depression. Is there hope that President Obama will be able to bring America's economy back?  And will Main Street finally experience some of the relief that Wall Street has enjoyed?

In early 2009, economist Robert Reich spoke at the Nikko Hotel in San Francisco to cut through the hysteria and hyperbole of the headlines. In this talk, presented by the Commonwealth Club of California and brought to you by Link TV, Reich gives us a clear road map as to where the economy is headed this year, and beyond. This global economic forecast is a must-see for all concerned about their own personal financial portfolio, as well as the fate of the global economic system as a whole.


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Special: How to Survive 2009 - Robert Reich
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