Special: The War Comes Home
Special: The War Comes Home
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In this Link TV special, we look at America's betrayal of its veterans in the shocking exposé, When I Came Home. Also, joining host John Hamilton in the studio is journalist Aaron Glantz, author of the new book The War Comes Home, for a discussion on veterans affairs and the devastated lives that many veterans face when they come home.


In the wars following 9/11, nearly two million American men and women have deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. Most of them have seen combat, and many now bear the scars - both physical and mental - of armed conflict. But what happens when the warriors come home? Are our veterans getting the help they need from the nation that sent them on to the battlefield? How could it be that so many who sacrificed so much for their country return to unemployment, homelessness, alcohol and drug abuse, and even thoughts of suicide?

More links are available at the When I Came Home film website

Visit Aaron Glantz's website

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America
Help create housing and employment opportunities for homeless vets at US VETS, INC
Information about Stand Downs in your area is available here
Contact the members of the House Committee on Veterans Affairs and the members of the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs to urge them to work to improve the lives of returning veterans

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Special: The War Comes Home