The Team - Kenya: Under Pressure

The Team - Kenya: Under Pressure

In this episode of The Team, the coach's mother arrives unexpectedly and is furious to discover Johari's background and that her son has allowed her to be team captain and have a relationship with his daughter Lulu.

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The Team - Kenya: Under Pressure


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Oli can’t shake the images of Rodez's attack but he won’t discuss why he burned his law books with the coach or any other people who care about him. On the other hand, Kezia confides in Beth her fears about what might happen to her brother. Johari talks to Lulu truthfully about what happened at the IDP camp and that she and her family had to go there because they were chased from their homes. Priest’s past comes back to haunt him when two cops arrive at the training center asking him to flip on Mamu. He denies knowing her but the cops make it clear that they don’t believe him. 
The situation is made more complicated for the coach when his mother arrives unexpectedly. When she discovers Johari’s tribal background, she is furious that her son allows her not only to be the captain of the team but to have a relationship with Lulu.



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The Team is a dramatic TV series which was created in response to the devastating violence in Kenya following the 2007 general elections. The series dramatizes how the newly recruited members of the co-ed 'Imani' soccer/football club learn to overcome their tribal, ethnic, social and economic differences. The Team was created by Search for Common Ground and Media Focus on Africa Foundation in Kenya.
This series is a metaphor of Kenyan society. Imani FC ('faith' in Swahili) members and the Coach have been brought together from many of Kenya's tribal groups to play together on a co-ed league. The league has been formed and financed by a group of wealthy international philanthropists and businessmen who believe sport will be a way to neutralize the ethnic hatred that shook Kenya after the last elections.  
The characters are from broken families, even as Kenya is a broken country. In that way, the team becomes a surrogate family for our players. They each want a 'family' but no one knows how to reach out and get it. Each of the players, and the Coach, struggles to overcome ethnic hatred that sparked violent confrontations after the elections. The purpose of the series is to show that it is possible for people to overcome their differences and that co-existence is possible.


The Team - Kenya: Under Pressure
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