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The world’s rainforests are disappearing at an alarming rate, impacting the climate, reducing biodiversity and threatening the survival of indigenous peoples. If deforestation continues at current rates, scientists estimate that the remaining rainforests could be gone in fifty years.

Though the threat to rainforests is a global problem, Africa has been hit particularly hard. In the last 50 years, more than 60% of West African forests have been destroyed. Today, most of Africa’s remaining forests are located in Central Africa's Congo Basin, home to several indigenous peoples (pygmies), whose existence is threatened by deforestation and poaching.


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Carbon Hunters - FRONTLINE/World journeys to the remote rainforests of Brazil, where several American companies have been on the hunt for an increasingly valuable new commodity -- carbon. But investing in big tracts of forest in order to soak up the carbon they may have to account for in proposed energy legislation is not without its costs.


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    Prince Charles Save the Rainforest Campaign
    HRH Prince Charles launches new campaign to save the rainforests in online video broadcast. Learn more.

    It Was Beautiful Here
    An Enawene Nawe man tells of his anguish over the deforestation of his tribe's territory by ranchers.



    Environmental and Indigenous Activists Criticize Proposed Deal to Save Rainforests

    Groups question Obama's Copenhagen pledge of $1 billion to preserve tropical forests.